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Chanel’s New Serum is Our Latest Beauty Obsession


Courtesy of Chanel

Chanel’s latest skincare launch was dreamed up by Christian Mahé, the brand’s senior vice president of beauty and innovation, after he visited the idyllic Okinawa island in Japan. Once there, he discovered a large number of healthy centenarians occupying the region; his curiosity was piqued, and Blue Serum was born.

As it turns out, Okinawa is not the only place on earth where inhabitants’ life expectancy is above-average. The Japanese island is one of four “blue zones”––the others can be found in Sardinia, Italy; Nicoya Peninsula, Costa Rica; and Ikaria, Greece. “Blue zones are areas of the planet where people live measurably longer lives than in any other region,” explains Armelle Souraud, Chanel’s international scientific director. “Although the regions are scattered across the globe, they share a common lifestyle.” Souraud credits regular physical activity, a balanced diet, stress management, and close-knit social bonds as the main factors of longevity.

In creating the new serum, Chanel cherry-picked three active ingredients found in the diets of the “Blue Ones” (people living in blue zones), which include highly-concentrated doses of green coffee, olive oil, and lentisk gum. The ingredients are used in their purest form to visibly iron out wrinkles and improve the skin’s texture. To apply, Souraud suggests massaging the product onto a freshly-cleansed face using deep, smoothing movements, before starting your daily beauty routine.

The game-changing product is set to hit shelves next week, but it doesn’t come cheap; a bottle of the youth-boosting serum retails at US $110 (AED/SAR 404). On the plus side, it’s a lot easier than booking the next flight to Japan.

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Promo image: Chanel Métiers d’Art 2017 show, photo courtesy of Benoît Peverelli.

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