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This Makeup Artist Swears By This Important Trick to Nailing Your Beauty Look

Soraya Shawky was determined to make it in the makeup industry from a very young age. “At the age of 14, I knew I wanted to work in the beauty business but I wasn’t sure how and I wasn’t aware of the existence of makeup artists. I knew I was drawn to creams and beauty products and I used to mix products here and there to create my own,” she reveals.

In 2009 Shawky quit her desk job to pursue her dream of becoming a makeup artist. “I must admit, it wasn’t an easy journey at all it took a lot of hard work and dedication. After two years of working in makeup artistry, I decided to get a proper education in Barcelona where I got my degree in makeup and cosmetology.” The Influencers star also spoke about her time on the show, “The Influencers show was such a great experience for me. I had just moved to Dubai from Geneva Switzerland and I barely knew anyone here in the UAE. This show helped me a lot by putting myself on the map. I made a lot of friends and met so many beautiful supporting people in the industry.”

Soraya Shawky with Mona Zaki. Instagram/@sorayashawky

When asked about to name her biggest inspiration in makeup, Shawky doesn’t list big names but someone with a humble beginning. “My biggest inspiration in makeup is Lauren Luke, an English lady who started doing her YouTube tutorials outside Newcastle in an unglamorous little flat with her newborn child and made her way up to an office in Times Square and became one of the most famous YouTubers out there. She’s a great example of what a hard working lady who worked her way up to the top.” However, Shawky is on a first-name basis with many celebrities, one of them being Mona Zaki. Describing her experience she said, “I’ve worked with a lot of celebrities and they were all lovely. Each one of them was a different experience but I must say Mona is something else. She’s super supportive and caring. There’s always something new I learn from her every time we meet.” Shawky also expressed that she would love to work with actresses Yousra and Nadine Nassib Njeim someday.

“Less is more,” she says when asked about things that could make or break your look. “I’d like to change this misconception that more make up will make you prettier. No, it won’t. There so much beauty in simplicity,” she continued. Shawky’s personal routine for prepping the skin before makeup is as simplistic. “I like to prep my face by washing it well and I exfoliate in case there is any dead skin. Hydrating the skin is essential before applying your make up so you don’t end up with a cakey face.”

Though Shawky said “Every step is important. You can’t complete the whole routine without completing all steps,” she stresses the importance of cleansing the skin and using sunscreen. “You need to deep clean your skin every day. I’ve also noticed that too many forget the role of SPF, especially where we live.”

As for tips for beginners, Shawky says, “Practice makes perfect. Stick to makeup looks that suit your face and help bring out your pretty features.”

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