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This Ultherapy Facial Treatment Can Turn Back Time

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Ultherapy is Hollywood’s favorite non-invasive firming treatment. Having lived fast and hard in my twenties, relentlessly breaking down my collagen with little sleep and hours on the beach baking in tanning oil, I look older than my 35 years. Every month reveals a new ‘problem’ to obsess over, from lines around my mouth and eyes too hollow, drooping cheeks. I want to fine-tune my jaw-line and firm up sagging features, which is why I decided to give it a go.

Using concentrated ultrasound energy to tighten the muscle and inflict thermal injury up to 4.5 millimeters deep in the skin of the face, neck, or décolleté, this non-invasive procedure stimulates collagen production. The aim is to achieve a naturally lifted look that rejuvenates without changing your own features.

Having read a few reviews that highlighted the ‘throbbing’ and ‘aching’ sensations induced by Ultherapy, I was thankful for a pre-treatment coating of numbing cream all over my face, sealed in cling film for 45 minutes. Rebecca Treston has an impeccable reputation in the market, known for her rejuvenating treatments that err on the ‘subtle’ side – in other words, making the absolute best of what you have as opposed to radically altering features. Discussing my specific requirements with her – the lines around my chin, sagging cheeks and general lack of ‘tautness’ in my thinning skin – we decided to concentrate on the lower half of my face and in particular, my jawline. Apparently, if you start young (mid-30s), you have young collagen that will respond extra well to treatment, which may even produce longer-lasting results.

Rebecca Treston Ultherapy

Rebecca Treston performing Ultherapy on the Neck. Courtesy of Rebecca Treston

Did it hurt? Yes. More so in certain areas like the side of my jaw, close to the bottom of my ear lobes or anywhere ‘on the bone,’ which seemed to ache and vibrate with every pass of the transducer – the wand through which the ultrasound is directed over parts of my face. The procedure took around an hour with the pain increasing with the number of passes or pressure applied by Treston. But it was bearable, especially with the use of a squeeze ball that proved a welcome distraction from the pain. Combined with a small smattering of E-Matrix (fractionated bi-polar radio frequency) around the eyes and chin, which felt like hot miniature pricks on the surface of the skin in stamp-like squares, the treatment was complete.

No downtime required although redness and a light swelling occurred 24 hours afterward. I could see a tightening effect immediately post-treatment but it wasn’t until three months later that I noticed my cheeks had ‘lifted’ slightly. Granted, the result wasn’t visibly striking but then, the aim is not to make people stop and stare. If you want modestly tighter skin that looks fresh and youthful, Ultherapy can deliver.

Ultherapy treatment with Rebecca Treston at Euromed Clinic starting at US4 or AED/SAR 15 per line. A full face can need 500 to 1000 lines 

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