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Celebrity Inspiration to Help you Embrace Your Roots

Can’t get a color appointment with your hairdresser? No problem! Salons may be shut currently but that doesn’t mean it’s time to start reaching for that old hair dye lurking in the back of your beauty cabinet. Instead, why not embrace the situation and for those with lighter locks and naturally dark hair, the appearance of your roots? A look already loved by celebrities who have rocked this trend everywhere from the red carpet to the comfort of their homes, who knows when you finally get back into the salon chair you might be wanting to preserve your new two-toned look.

Dua Lipa

Nobody does roots better than Dua Lipa. Rocking a full 90s look shows off a sharp contrast.

Margot Robbie

Queen of the red carpet, Margot Robbie is known for her ombre grow out. This is the perfect look to show to your stylist once you get back in the chair if you’re after a softer take on the trend.

Kim Kardashian

A beauty chameleon, there’s no look that Kim Kardashian can’t pull off. Here, her roots and grey locks help to make her eyes pop.


If Queen B doesn’t mind a little grow out, neither should you. Proving that roots work even with waist length hair.

Hailey Bieber

Haily Biber shows off two trend taboos. Not only is she embracing a few week’s worth of roots, but she’s also channeling 80s vibe with a scrunchie but still manages to look chic.

Sofia Riche

Make like Sofia Richie and experiment with your roots and different styles of updos. Keep them sleek and pulled back.

Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez proves that roots also work well with a cropped look. Embrace the shadow effect with some texturizing spray.

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