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Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Shares her Best Beauty Secrets


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Rosie Huntington-Whiteley may have won the genetic lottery when it comes to her classic beauty looks, but her years of modeling experience mean that she really knows her stuff when it comes to hair, skin, and makeup too. Here, she talks to Vogue about her skincare regime, her favorite products, and how motherhood has changed her approach to beauty.

On makeup

For the products I use day to day in my own life, I am such a big fan of the BareMinerals Original Foundation. I was a bit apprehensive at first: an all-over powder foundation? How’s that going to make my skin look? But I was blown away by the results. It gives me amazing coverage and makes me look really glowy. I always look towards products that make me look luminous from within – even if you’re putting it on top! I use a little bit of concealer on areas I need – any zits or imperfections – then I basically use the powder all over. It’s so easy to use, you’re done in a couple of seconds. From there I love to use a cream blush or bronze. I love a red lip for the evening and for the daytime something that’s close to my natural lip color.

On her getting-ready routine

I guess it would be subject to opinion, but I think I’m OK at doing my own makeup! And I really love doing it, I enjoy that time. For me it’s relaxing – although it’s been a little compromised since having a child! I like to put music on, I like to lay out all the products that I’m using, I like to source inspiration and copy a look I’ve seen… It’s as much fun as going out, the time at home preparing for the evening! I feel I can do some easy go-to looks for myself, and then I lean towards the experts for red carpet. But going out for dinner with my man, or going out to meet my girlfriends, or going to a meeting, I do my own makeup.

On skincare

I switch my skincare routine around depending upon where I am and what’s going on with my skin. I struggle with my skin, I don’t wake up and have perfect skin all of the time. It’s an ongoing battle for me. But there are a few products I always have. BareMinerals’s SkinLongevity products are incredible. The Butter Drench Restorative Rich Cream, for when you’re flying and you need that locked-in moisture. Like when you get off a plane and feel like you’ve aged 100 years. (Also a big pair of sunglasses hide a multitude of sins.) The Mineral Cleansing Water is great, it has cucumber and rose so it’s really calming for the skin. I wear heavy make-up at work so in my free time I’m looking for products that are restorative. Then the Total Cleansing Oil, everyone’s obsessed with that. For me every morning it’s cleanse, tone, moisturize. In the evening it’s exfoliate, cleanse, tone, serum, moisturize. I try to do a double cleanse in the evening and do my exfoliation then, to take off the day.

On how motherhood has changed her approach to beauty

I think it’s changed because I have way less time to spend on myself! Like now when I’m doing my beauty routine I have a little visitor in my bathroom who also likes to play with all my products and pour them out all over the floor. Your time is compromised. Before, perhaps there was a whimsical time of getting ready before work when you could really indulge in the whole process – like a 45-minute shower and 20 minutes deciding what to wear. Now whatever time you have, you have to make use of it. Often now I have a choice between makeup or hair. And I spend a lot more time in my gym gear!

On hair

George Northwood has been cutting my hair since I was 16 and it’s so sweet because I’ve known him for what feels like my whole life. We met when he was looking for people to test his budding skills on and I couldn’t afford a haircut, so it all started there! It’s been amazing to see him flourish as a businessman and as a talent and to have had this really special friendship. We have so many fun memories. A girl’s best friend is always their hairdresser, right?

On beauty treatments

I love to use a mobile beauty service here called Perfect 10. It’s super reliable and if I need to get my nails done before work, or a massage, waxing, a spray tan… they come to you.

On fitness

In LA I’ve been going to a workout class called Body By Simone for the last four or five years. It was founded by an ex-dancer called Simone De La Rue and it’s high-intensity dance cardio and a lot of movements using your own body weight. I love it because it’s a very female positive environment, you’re dancing and the music is blasting and all the instructors are training alongside you. It’s fun. And I see results very quickly. And in London I’ve been training with a girl called Lucy at Third Space doing weights, which I’ve been really enjoying. I think people get nervous that they’re going to bulk up, but actually it’s been great. Exercise is a big part of my life.

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