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Yes, Kim Kardashian West Also Had Skinny ’90s Brows

When a beauty trend hits its zenith, it can become difficult to recall a time when an alternative aesthetic reigned supreme. Fortunately, the existence of Instagram throwback moments keeps just such makeup-centric memories firmly in check. Last night, Kim Kardashian West took to the platform to share a ’90s capture that featured butterfly clips, dad Robert Kardashian, and a set of thinly plucked eyebrows worthy of decade beauty legend Kevyn Aucoin’s dreams.

The square was a lesson in true pre-Y2K beauty, with diffused, iridescent pink eyeshadow and accessories like a diminutive gold cross necklace and a duet of clamped clips—worn in the crown of carefully sectioned midi bun—warranting KKW’s caption of “1998.” A far cry from the full power brows she favors today, Kardashian West’s dark slim and snaking set offer a tangible era stamp that’s undeniably appealing. Are the skinny arches favored (and penciled in) by Aucoin and his cadre of 1990s supermodels destined to return on the cyclical conveyor belt of time and trend? The jury’s still out, but Kardashian West’s early throwback shot offers a mid-week excuse to reconsider all the face-framing options.

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