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Huda Kattan Reveals Concealer Disaster Could Have Cost Her $1.5 Million

We best know her through her chatty, upbeat makeup tutorials, but life as the founder of Huda Beauty isn’t always what it seems. In fact, running a global beauty company can lead to stress, tears, and costly decisions, as Huda Kattan revealed in her new web series. The Dubai-based beauty entrepreneur has teamed up with Facebook Watch to launch Huda Boss, an online reality show that give viewers an exclusive look into the world of her eponymous brand, and the first episode aired on Tuesday.

During the 22-minute chapter, Kattan opened up Huda Beauty HQ and offered fans an inside glimpse at a recent development that shook the brand. Revealing that the beauty label was set to release a concealer, which had been in development for a year, Kattan showcased the formula as she applied it to a model. “It’s something that is a staple in every woman’s beauty bag but we don’t currently have one in our line,” she says, as she swatches a shade on the model’s cheek. “If we can launch this color, I think it might be one of the darkest concealers out there.”

However, when samples were later delivered to the office, Kattan found the formula was streaking, and oxidizing on her skin. “It’s slowly turning to this horrible orange, rusty color,” she exclaims. “Every product that launches on the market I try. This concealer does not belong with our logo on it.” Calling husband Chris, Huda Beauty’s chief operating officer, Kattan requested that the company put a pause on the product.

“You guys approved the formula, what’s changed since then?” questions Chris. “It’s too late. This is probably at least a US$1.5 million (SAR/AED 5.5 million) loss.” However an insistent Kattan told her team “we’re going to have to push it back. If I wouldn’t pay for it, then we can’t launch it.” While no confirmed date was revealed for the product’s launch, it’s likely the story will develop in subsequent episodes.

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Here are five other things we learnt in episode one…

Kattan has global domination in sight

“I’ve never felt so much pressure in my life,” she tells the camera of her work. “But the goal is to make us the No 1 beauty brand in the world.”

Sister Mona has a long-time love of beauty

Huda Beauty’s global president revealed she first discovered makeup as a child, after competing in beauty pageants in the US.

She also has a seriously enviable sunglasses collection

mona kattan

Youngest Kattan sister Mona offered a peek at her impressive wardrobe.

Huda and her husband go way, way back

“We’ve been together half my life,” she said, adding that they first met when they were 17.

Huda hasn’t always used her first name

“I felt ugly,” the entrepreneur revealed of her childhood, revealing she used to go by the name Heidi. “I was almost embarrassed of my name.”

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