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How to Look Devastatingly Good at the Airport, According to These Hollywood Icons

Jennifer Lopez. Photo: Courtesy of Jennifer Lopez/@jlo

With thousands of travelers en route to celebrate the festive season with family and friends, there’s rarely time to give one’s airport style more than a momentary thought. Harried souls must keep luggage in tow and travel documents organized, but what about maintaining an on-the-go beauty strategy that’s as chic as it is easy? This year, look no further than Hollywood’s most iconic It girls for inspiration.

Marilyn Monroe‘s tumble of platinum curls and pale fur coat are a testament to the power of blonde-on-blonde bombshell glamour, while Rihanna’s red-lipstick moment proves why the only carry-on essential a Bad Gal needs comes in traffic-stopping crimson. Hat enthusiasts can take a cue from Yoko Ono’s wide-brimmed topper or Brigitte Bardot’s black beret—both perfect options for hair that’s been tousled and tangled mid-flight.

As any proper It girl knows, winter’s brisk temperatures are no reason to sacrifice a strategic flash of skin: Twiggy’s over-the-knee boots reveal a bare expanse of thigh that was revolutionary in the Swinging ’60s; fast-forward half a century and Selena Gomez’s sculpted abs show how a crop top is done at 35,000 feet: with an abbreviated black shirt, leather jacket, and plenty of pop-star confidence.

From Kate Moss’s ’90s hair and makeup minimalism to Jennifer Lopez’s slicked, TSA-friendly knot, here are 19 of the best airport beauty moments of all time.

Audrey Hepburn. Photo: Getty Images

Elizabeth Taylor. Photo: Getty Images

Marilyn Monroe. Photo: Getty Images

Twiggy. Photo: Getty Images

Brigitte Bardot, Gunter Sachs. Photo: Getty Images

Sophia Loren, Carlo Ponti. Photo: Getty Images

Yoko Ono, John Lennon. Photo: Getty Images

Jackie Onassis. Photo: Getty Images

Diana, Princess of Wales. Photo: Getty Images

Kate Moss Photo: Getty Images

Winona Ryder, Gwyneth Paltrow. Photo: Getty Images

Naomi Campbell. Photo: Getty Images

Chrissy Teigen. Photo: Getty Images

Kendall Jenner. Photo: Getty Images

Kim Kardashian West. Photo: Getty Images

Victoria Beckham. Photo: Getty Images

Bella Hadid. Photo: Getty Images

Selena Gomez. Photo: Getty Images

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