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Perfume Meets Jewelry for Cartier’s Les Épures de Parfum Collection


Cartier Les Épures de Parfum collection. Courtesy of Cartier.

Some of life’s greatest luxuries embrace the art of simplicity. Cartier’s latest collection of fragrances Les Épures de Parfum looks to draw upon this sentiment with blends inspired by nature. Created by Cartier perfumer Mathilde Laurent, she worked with raw olfactory pleasures for fresh compositions that are to be worn like living high jewelry. Created for both women and men, the results are fresh and bursting with life. “Bottling the delicate scent of life to offer the original pleasure of enjoying nature,” Laurent says of the collection.

CartierThe three blends are titled Pur Magnolia, Pur Muguet and Pur Kinkan. The first is pure, championing the magnolia. Like its hanging from a tree, the fragrance feels as if the scent is radiating from the flower’s petals. The second is a more contemporary take, looking to the slightly sweet and soft notes of lily-of-the-valley. The final chapter embraces the kumquat, the purest form of citrus. Although different, each offers the illusion of nature being bottled.


Cartier perfumer Mathilde Laurent. Courtesy of Cartier

Worn both on their own and layered together, even a single spritz can transform your mood. Just like donning a piece of high jewelry, you feel dressed and ready for the day. Available now in Cartier boutiques across the region, AED/SAR 1 040 per fragrance of 75 ml.

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