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The Founder of Dope Naturally Has a Radical Approach to Wellness

Sylwia Wiesenberg Founder of the Tonique Method and Dope Naturally. Courtesy of Dope Naturally.

Glowing skin comes from within. That’s Sylwia Wiesenberg’s motto when it comes to beauty. Having revolutionized the fitness industry with her holistic approach to life, her flawless skin says it all. Now taking her concept one step further, Wiesenberg launches Dope Naturally, which harnessed the power of superfoods. We speak to the founder about her lust for life and how health should be all-encompassing.

How did you get into the world of wellness?

I don’t remember ever not being in the world of wellness! I have been living in that world forever. Throughout my entire childhood, I was primarily on a plant-based diet. I exercised for four hours each day, perfecting my gymnastics and running on my school track team. Later in life, I never lost my interest and drive to stay healthy, and ultra-fit. When I started Tonique, people thought I was mad. Today, the focus of most publications and media is how women feel, how we love/hate our bodies, and tries to teach us how to feel unique and beautiful. I was just ahead of everyone else, and I stay ahead by always introducing unique and innovative sources of superfood blends (like watermelon seeds or fulvic acid) and continuing to work on Tonique method – they feed each other.

Why do you think it has become such a huge trend?

We are definitely becoming more obsessed with wellness. While a few have lived it, most have only recently started following the wellness trend. However, I believe this time the trend is here to stay. It has become a very important part of our daily activities. So much in our lives had become artificial and commercial, and society has begun to see the impact on our health and well being.  I believe the desire to be healthy and go back to the purity of nature is a backlash to this.

 How did you come up with the concept of Dope Naturally?

It arose from my unconditional love for food and sharing it with others, and believing that we feed our bodies for two reasons; to feel good and look good. For me, sharing food and cooking for others is the ultimate way to show love for them, and gratitude for having them in my life. When I was a little girl, I went to local orchards and climbed mulberry trees, plum trees, and collected raspberries. I brought my finds home and my grandmother and I would make jams, compotes and we froze the rest of the fruits for cold winter days. My love and passion for being forager has never ended. When I was conducting underground Tonique classes in Manhattan, I used to bring juices, salads and raw chocolates for those who attended. Participants were tortured for two hours or longer but later rewarded with love – food that I made for them, blends, and juices. I love to share my love for life, fitness, and food. I am inspired by life and people around me and want to contribute to others’ lives with wellness and fitness together.

One day, I was asked, “what do you take to have so much energy?” I answered right away without even thinking – ‘I dope naturally,’ meaning food is my natural drug and enhancer of endless energy and ageless beauty. When I said that I really meant beets and all the superfoods I eat daily. I could not stop thinking about the way I said that, and I decided to name my brand Dope Naturally, based on the principles that I believe in – that superfoods and outstanding quality ingredients are the natural way to dope, to enhance our beauty, and performance.

Your beauty counter starts in your kitchen!

Dope Naturally allows me to share my passion for living life to its fullest and travels the world to bring unique ingredients to your home. Ingredients that I chose to use in each blend are unique and in most cases seasonal, they can be hard to obtain for most of us, like dragonfruit, mangosteen, and other South Asian, South American, or African superfoods. What I decided to do is make Dope Naturally the purest superfood blend available on the market, with absolutely no fillers, no sugars added, and no flavorings. If you carefully read the packaging you will notice there are no flavors such as vanilla, chocolate or berry – I don’t understand why the industry divides us into three flavors and they feel a need to add flavors to already naturally delicious fruits and vegetables. So when you buy Dope Naturally, you buy the purest Dope Naturally you can get.

Dope Naturally

Ingestible beauty and wellness superfood blends by Dope Naturally. Courtesy of Dope Naturally.

What inspired you?

Definitely the combination of beauty and wellness – the harmony of both since they feed each other. Beauty and wellness start within starts at your kitchen counter and of course, women are my lifetime inspiration.

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Why should people use ingestible beauty and wellness products?

Food is a powerful drug! It really has superpowers to cure. Something we should all consider to ask ourselves is, how do we start our day and how do we end it?  What we eat really affects how we feel, our energy, and reflects on the way we look, starting from our physique, to skin, hair, eyes, nails, and teeth quality. I always say eat beauty, because the right ingredients are the best substitute for expensive serums and masks.

What has been a defining moment in your career?

After quitting a job in corporate finance, I decided to devote my life to women’s beauty and wellness through movement. I created Tonique – a unique and intense workout method – which I practically taught free of charge for years to actually see if it works – and it does work miracles, but it also requires commitment and discipline. For the past eight years, I have been sharing a variety of dishes and superfood blends with my family and friends, observing them and seeing how food affects their mood, energy, beauty, and well-being. I also tested everything on myself and saw changes that made me realize that I need to take my passion and obsession with ingredients to the next level and introduce it to women (and men) around the world.

Have you had any obstacles? How have you overcome them?

Every startup meets obstacles – every company at some point meets obstacles. I had to learn the business and how the food and wellness world works very fast. It was the most intense real-life MBA degree I could obtain, but I have learned a tremendous amount. Making mistakes is part of the process, but you don’t want to repeat them.

 How do you stay motivated in keeping fit and healthy?

My love for bikinis and fashion! No, the real motivation comes from my love of feeling strong and to be in total control of my body and mind. I believe that with both movement and eating high-quality ingredients including superfoods, I treat myself with ageless beauty and endless energy.

What is your motto?

Move. Smile. Dope naturally. Just be unique!

Dope Naturally is available online at

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