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Reverse Signs of Your Last Beach Getaway With These Brightening Treatments

One of the best things about winter is that you’re generally getting less sun exposure, making it the best time to repair discoloration. Following months of constant UV exposure from our scorching sun, you are most likely suffering from hyperpigmentation in the form of dark spots, scars, and freckles that persistently plague the women of our region. The brown specks you may have found splattered on your face after reposing poolside all summer are the result of sun exposure, which sets skin-darkening melanin into overdrive.

Dark spots can show up immediately in the form of freckles, or years later as a result of long-term sun-damage. In the Middle East, where most women have a dark photo type, the smallest inflammation (such as aggressing a blemish) can leave patches on the skin, which can be extremely difficult to treat. Of course, the beauty industry loves a challenge, and has rolled out a new wave of brightening potions designed to reverse signs of your last beach getaway.

Ahead, eight serums, masks, and wands to eradicate existing discoloration and reveal a radiant and more even complexion.

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