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The Secret to Happiness? It May Be Simpler Than You Think

Kat Irlin

Photographer: Kat Irlin

What does happiness mean to you? Is it the end of the working week? Spending time with your family and friends or even waking up with glowing skin? “Happiness is what you perceive it to be, external or internal,” says holistic health and Ayurveda practitioner Farida Irani. The founder of aromatherapy brand Subtle Energies, she creates formulas that help balance your mind, body, and soul. Sharing her five principles of happiness, these are simple steps you can implement in your everyday life.

Happiness Comes From Within

We search high and low for satisfaction and happiness, not realizing that it is right within us. The love and joy that we crave is within our own selves, as we are beings of love, light, and joy.

Positive Affirmations

Indian guru Paramahansa Yogananda gave me this affirmation: “I am not this body, I am wisdom, I am light, I am love, I am joy. I live in this dream body but I am ever eternal spirit.” If we can believe in the above affirmation and assert this morning and night, also saying, “I am spirit, I am happy, I am peaceful,” it will get embedded in your memory.

Ayurveda Aromatherapy

Regular use of aromatics, especially essential oils from the aromatherapy perspective, is a quick and easy way to help balance your mind. You will be actively calm and calmly active, thereby feeling great joy within, even when going through challenges in life.


Meditation calms the mind and uplifts the spirit. Regular practice maintains that steady flow of calmness, bringing great joy within. That is true happiness.


Lastly, be thankful for all you receive, whether challenges or pleasant happenings. As you learn from it, it will help keep you content and satisfied.

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