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Manal Rostom Shares Her Top Tips for Staying Fit During Ramadan

The Holy Month is a time for reflection, personal growth, and giving back to the community. However the period of fasting, as part of the month of Ramadan, doesn’t have to mean putting a pause on your healthy regime for 30 days.

We sat down with Manal Rostom, Egyptian athlete and Nike + Run Club Coach, to learn more about staying fit during the Holy Month. Rostom, who put the sporting label’s Pro Hijab through its paces at the New York City Marathon last year, is also the first Arab to be featured on the Global Nike+ Run Club App with her own 25-minute guided run audio.


Manal Rostom wears the Nike Pro Hijab. Image courtesy of Manal Rostom

When it comes to working out during Ramadan, the runner’s favorite exercises include circuit training, biceps curls, and tricep dips, to name a few. Rostom also advises employing portion control when it comes to iftar, substituting Arabic desserts such as kunafa for dates or fruit. Watch the video above to learn more of her top tips and advice.

We also spoke with Christina Guastell, the co-founder of NRG Fitness and certified fitness instructor, to learn how she recommends keeping healthy during the Holy Month. Guastell urges people to preserve energy and hydration levels by avoiding morning workouts. Instead, schedule gym sessions before iftar, so you can replenish energy levels soon afterwards. When it comes to breaking your fast, the fitness instructor advises swapping out desserts and sugary drinks for date and milk smoothies, which she says satisfy her cravings.

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