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The Unexpected Health Benefits of a 6AM Dance Party

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Coffee, tea, and juice aren’t the usual beverages of choice at a dance party, but then again, Daybreaker isn’t your average rave. For one, it occurs at six in the morning. Founded by Radha Agrawal and Matthew Brimer in 2013, Daybreaker is an early-morning dance movement that dawns on cities around the world every month.

The traveling dance party has so far spread to 16 different cities around the world, including Paris, Washington, and Toronto, with plans to make stops in Dubai, London, and Berlin this summer. Made for adults seeking a healthier version of hedonism, the energy-boosting event allows those who love to dance and let loose an outlet to do so without the usual accouterments of night life. Plus, there are a number of health benefits to be reaped from moving in the morning.

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With its emphasis on quick movements, endurance, and agility, high-intensity dancing can increase muscle tone and strength, as well as improve the overall health of the heart and lungs. A study published in The New England Journal of Medicine also found that dancing, more than other activities, can protect against dementia. Additionally, heart-pumping early-bird exercise increases blood circulation, and the accompanying endorphin rush boosts your mood so you can begin your day with a renewed sense of spirit and feeling incredible.

You can sign up with your email here to reserve your spot on the dance floor when the party comes to the Middle East this summer.

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