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Secrets From The A-List: How to Develop JLo Worthy Abs

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez. Getty Images

If the Super Bowl LIV has taught us anything it’s that when it comes to Jennifer Lopez age ain’t nothing but a number as the 50 year old absolutely rocked during her halftime concert. From her energetic dance moves to her incredible pole dancing skills, JLo left us all in awe. But it’s not just her booty that we all find ourselves lusting over, but also her rock hard abs. Luckily, we know LA fitness and lifestyle consultant Ashley Borden, and got her to reveal how to get a washboard stomach like the Latina queen.

Borden knows a trick or two about creating sculpted abs for her celebrity clients, who include Ryan Gosling and Christina Aguilera. With more than 40,000 hours of training under her belt and a starring role as a trainer on Revenge Body with Khloé Kardashian, Borden is infamous for her no-nonsense approach. “I like to have my clients stay in a fit mentality year-round. My life’s mission is to help as many people as possible have a sane balance between their body and food. Being of help is my calling, as is being upfront and honest – as painful as that may sound.”

What’s the secret behind the six pack? Borden has a series of programs designed to result in rock-hard abs in no time. “Depending on your plan, you will train for six to 12 weeks, three to five times per week,” she explains. Expect loads of forearm planks, side bridges, and heavy plate holding above your head. “Focus on going as heavy as you can with good form,” Borden explains. “Focus on using barbells in your workouts and on turning away from the mirror. All of these things will release growth hormone and testosterone, the hormones that increase lean muscle development, promote major fat burning, and develop your six pack that’s already there.”

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If you need more fitness inspiration, Lopez’s partner, professional baseball player Alex Rodriguez, readily shares their grueling workouts on social media, here are some of our favorites:

Originally published in the September 2019 issue of Vogue Arabia

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