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5 Best Tips for Fighting Frizz, According to a Celebrity Hairstylist

Hair by Ilham Mestour. Photographed by Domen & Van De Velde for Vogue Arabia

As humid summer turns into temperamental fall, the drier air can leach the moisture out of our hair – leaving behind frizz, flyaways, and flatness. Zoe Irwin, hairdresser, GHD ambassador, and 37-year veteran of the haircare industry knows how the volatile Middle Eastern climate can wreak havoc on our hair. The celebrity stylist, who has styled the locks of celebrities including Kate Beckinsale and Jameela Jamil says that frizz-prone hair can be a result of humidity altering the hair cuticle’s appearance, in addition to making it seem rough and dull. “The humidity causes the hair to fly up and really show the shorter hairs as they do not sit flat with the others,” she explains. “The cuticle raises and the hair appears drier, styles do not hold as well, and a frizzier texture becomes apparent. The issues are keeping a bounce and shine to hair, and also maintaining shine.”

Photo: Courtesy of GHD

She points out that using a heated brush tool, like the GHD Glide, helps smooth frizzy hair and add extra volume, without adding further damage. “For quick touch ups and second day hair, this is incredible. Some people find it hard to manage a brush and hairdryer together, so this tool will achieve smoothness and shape easily to hair using one hand,” adds the hairstylist. “My favorite way to use the Glide to place the brush underneath the section of hair, and lift gently as you turn the brush and glide down the hair shaft. I love the soft volume this achieves,” she shares. “Placing the brush at the back of a section and gently twisting the brush as it comes down there section will also give a really gentle soft wave.”

Irwin also uses the tool to shape bangs, and for a finishing touch. “Placing the brush on top of the section and gliding down will give a beautiful shine and total smoothness. Gently placing under a bangs section and lifting gently as working through the section then turning forward at the end will bevel your bangs and add a natural feel whilst achieving shine and control.” For long term frizz prevention, Irwin says it’s crucial to treat your hair well – read her expert hair tips below for happy, healthy lengths, no matter the weather.

Stay Hydrated
Frizz is more likely to happen on hair that is thirsty and needs hydration. Always use a heat protecting and moisturising spray first.

Treat Yourself
Use hair masks every week to deeply condition, and cut your hair regularly to achieve less frayed ends and banish split ends which are the most likely to frizz.

Cool Down
Turn the heat of your hairdryer to a medium setting, and use the cold shot button to cool each section as you dry.

Sun Shade
Protect from the sunshine, and always rinse through with water after being in the swimming pool or sea. Salt and chlorine create awful frizz.

Think Silk
Protect the hair by switching to a silk pillowcase. This is great for your skin too.

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