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The Best Time To Eat Fruits, According to a Nutritionist

An apple a day might keep the doctor away but only if you consume it at the right time. Nutritionists agree that the best time to eat fruits is just as important as the very act of eating fruit to ensure it is adequately digested by the body. If you have been looking to give your everyday diet a nutrient-powered boost, here’s what you need to know.



This is the best time to eat fruits during the day

The optimal time for consuming fruits is generally considered to be before sunset, according to noted nutritionist Shikha Agarwal. “This aligns with your body’s natural rhythm, fostering better digestion and enhancing nutrient absorption throughout your active hours. Having the right fruits consistently at this hour can contribute to a healthier lifestyle by maximising the benefits of what you are consuming,” she explains.

Why you shouldn’t eat fruits on an empty stomach

Choosing to eat fruit on an empty stomach, especially as the first meal of the day, may result in a rapid spike in blood sugar levels, Agarwal cautions. “For a more balanced start to your day, consider incorporating some fats or proteins before consuming fruits. This not only aids in stabilizing blood sugar but also ensures sustained energy levels throughout the morning,” she adds. Adopting this balanced approach supports improved blood sugar regulation and a more consistent release of energy during the day.

Likewise, she cautions against consuming fruits immediately after a hearty meal. “When your calorie requirements are already met, this could potentially lead to the conversion of fructose into fat stores for later use,” she says.

How to incorporate fruits into your everyday diet from morning to night

If you want to ensure that your nutrient levels are being consistently met from noon to night, it helps to consider the type of fruits you are consuming. Ahead, Agarwal shares her guide for the best time to eat fruits, and which fruits work for different parts of the day:


Begin your day with a burst of energy and antioxidants by including fruits like berries, bananas, and vitamin C-rich citrus fruits. Custard apples can also be a great choice to kickstart your morning.


At this time of the day, you will want to opt for fruits that support digestion without overwhelming your system before bedtime. Apples and pears, both rich in fibre, are excellent choices for the evening.


If at all you must eat them post-dinner, consider fruits with potential sleep-inducing properties for the night. Cherries, kiwis and custard apples, known for their melatonin content, can help ensure that you drift off into a sound sleep when your head hits the pillow at night.

“Remember to prioritize local and seasonal fruits to ensure maximum nutrition with fresher, nutrient-rich produce. For instance, bananas that are available throughout the year can provide potassium for heart health and essential energy-boosting nutrients, making them a versatile addition to your daily diet,” she advises.

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