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The Best Luxury Fragrance Houses For Women Who Love Modern Arab Perfumes

These Middle East-based luxury perfumers continue to capture traditional Arabian notes with nuance, creating fragrances which are both thoroughly modern, yet with unmistakable roots.


Founder Amna Al Habtoor has long been inspired by her home country for Arcadia’s impassioned scents. For Arcadia’s third collection, the three scents of The Tribute Edition is lovingly dedicated to the UAE and its residents. A highlight is Sincere, a tender and thoughtful composition of delicate musk, guaiac wood, cedar, and frankincense.


Whind’s first collection of fragrances celebrates Morocco’s wealth of sensorial ingredients, cultural heritage, and beauty rituals. Founded by Hind Sebti, the six new perfumes include Rose Saffron, a spiced rose fragrance illuminated with rich Kashmari saffron, and deepened with a voluptuous base of incense, oud, and vanilla. It’s perfectly imperfect, like a confident alter-ego to every other rose fragrance I’d smelt,” shares Sebti. “It represents all the women and men that make the Morocco I love.”


Famed for its story-telling through scent, Omani fragrance house Amouage takes its cues from the country’s most wild outpost for its latest launch. One of four perfumes inspired by the isolated Masirah Island, Guidance portrays royal frankincense with a romantic candor. The Amouage signature triad of frankincense, rose, and ambergris is topped off with notes including creamy almond milk, saffron, and osmanthus blossoms, with a weighty base of labdanum.


With notes of coconut, cardamom, tuberose and tiare flowers, on a creamy vanilla and musk base, Winter Sun captures the movement and youthful excitement of the annual holi festival. Noya’s founder, Dubai-based Talha Kalsekar, has taken the innate know-how from the family business – Rasasi Perfumes – and created his own collection of global fragrances for a multicultural clientele.


Qatari fashion house Wadha’s minimalistic aesthetic extends to the brand’s line of chic fragrances. Each captures emotional concepts and the associated notes ascribed by founder Wadha Al Hajri. The classic EDPs range from the elegant Sole, an aldehydes-heavy, peppery rose and orris composition, and the contemporary Aura and its citrus-spiked rosemary, vetiver, and florals.

Abdulla Al Abdulla

The Qatari fashion and beauty entrepreneur Abdulla Al Abdulla says his curated fragrance house is “designed to stimulate the senses”. The foil to the lighter Dawn EDP, Dusk does just that, as an intense exploration of modern Arabian perfumery. Top notes of unexpected lemon and raspberry add a playfulness to aromatic saffron layered over amber, patchouli, and vanilla.


One of the UAE’s classic fragrance houses, Lootah envisions Emirati perfume profiles like oud, rose, and incense, with a French perfumery style, under the guidance of Sultan Al Suweidi. Taking its inspiration from an Arabian pearl, the limited edition Jiwan EDP has a fresh femininity with sparkling citrus and dewy jasmine petals over a sweet vanilla and musk setting.


Founded by Sheikha Hind Bahwan, Ojar heralds the innovative of Arabian perfumery. Showcasing Oman’s raw ingredients – the roses of Jebel Akdhar, Rustaq honey, and frankincense from the Dhofar region – along with traditional musk, oud, and sandalwood, Ojar pays tribute to both heritage and modern concepts. Red Redemption is a head turning example; a wild rose scent, with spicy pink pepper and evocative blood orange warmed by amber and vetiver.

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