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What Hair Length Suits Which Face Shape? How To Maximize Your Bone Structure, According to the Pros


It’s your hair and your face, so you should wear whatever haircut you fancy. But, out of interest, we wanted to know what hair length suits which face shape and if there were any styles in particular that can really celebrate and accentuate our bone structure. Because, if we’ve got it, we might as flaunt it like an absolute champ, right?

So, what’s the deal? “There is no right or wrong answer to this question. All hair lengths pretty much suit any face shape to a degree,” says Dom Seeley, A-list stylist and International Creative Director at Color Wow. “But it is worth thinking about the cut, the layering, the movement and the styling of your hair. If you were to be specific and opt for a length to really flatter your face shape and accentuate your features, then these are the lengths that would suit you the best,” says Dom.

What hair length suits which face shape…



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The lob

Heart-shape faces are slightly wider around the forehead and narrower on the chin and jawline,” explains Dom.

“For those with a heart-shape face, stick to long soft layers such as bobs and lobs to add fullness around the jaw,” says Stevie Holland, Senior stylist at SALON64. “We are seeing a huge revival of lobs with attitude and layers,” she adds. And to make sure it stands out, “accompany the cut with a bold new color,” says Stevie.



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The blunt bob

Oval-shape faces are longer than they are wide and taper gradually toward the chin.

“Any length looks great on oval face shapes as they suit pretty much every style, from pixies and short crops to super long lengths,” says Dom. “This is one of the easiest face shapes and allows for short hair, long hair with curtain bangs or a bob with or without bangs,” agrees Frederic Fekkai, renowned stylist and founder of Fekkai haircare. Stevie recommends a blunt bob cut, “with subtle movement and curls or waves. “This helps to promote symmetry in the haircut and always looks eye catching,” she says.


Lots of layers

A square-shape face has a broad forehead, wide cheek bones and a strong jawline,” explains Frederic.

“Square face shapes tend to have strength in the jawline so you could soften this by asking your hairdressers to add layering around the face to visually cut the corner of the jawline,” explains Dom. “Longer bobs look great and longer length hair too – as long as its layered.” In general, Dom suggests skipping cuts that hit at the chin or jawline, as well as one-length hair.

“Style wise, it’s always best to keep wispy and soft, nothing harsh or blunt,” says Dom. Plus, “a side part will offset square angles,” says Frederic. “Bangs swept to the side will highlight the cheekbones,” he adds. To help get that volume, Dom recommends Color Wow’s Raise The Root leave in blow dry spray. “You can direct it at the roots or spray all the way through mid-lengths and ends to add guts and memory to the hair so it is much easier to style,” he explains.



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Full fringes and volume at the sides

Long face-shapes are similar to ovals, just slightly more elongated.

“If you have a longer face shape you may want to minimize volume on the top of your head and focus on creating volume on the sides of your face,” says Dom. “This will balance out the length in your face and create more structure. Bobs are perfect for this face shape as they cut directly at the chin or jawline and stop any form of elongation,” he adds.

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