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The Best Fitness Trainers and Platforms to Follow for Free Workouts


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The gyms may be closed but that doesn’t mean it’s time to stop breaking a sweat. Even if you find yourself in one-bedroom apartment those no excuse not to get moving, especially when some of the world’s best instructors are posting up their routines. From HITT to pilates and working with weights or without, there’s something for everyone. With trainers posting daily, keep checking back for more motivation. Remember it’s not just about aesthetics it’s about keeping the body alive, your brain awake and your mind positive.


Based in the states, the founder Sadie Kurzban and her troupe of trainers of dance-cardio studio 305 Fitness bring energetic dance-cardio workouts to YouTube. Just like a dance party, get ready to sweat.


Taking to Instagram the trainers from Crank offer up a range of different workouts to try. With two instructors taking to the mat, they give options for those who equipment or not and offer up some modifications too.


Award-winning personal trainer Laura Hoggins wants you to learn how to lift. If you find yourself without weights she also has some bodyweight workouts on her Instagram too.


A yoga teacher and personal trainer Shona Vertue’s message is all about working out for the health of the body and mind. She not only focuses on training but on breathing work too.


Stayed tuned on StudioRepublik’s Instagram page where they’re posting workouts and hosting a live question and answer session for those with burning fitness queries.


You may have heard that Joe Wicks has been helping parents stay sane by hosting live P.E. sessions for kids every morning, Monday to Friday. If you head over to his YouTube channel you can also find a whole array of workouts for everyone else including some catered to seniors.


One of Dubai’s most loved institutions, The Platform is challenging everyone to keep moving. Head to their Instagram page where they are posting new workouts every day.


For all the yogi’s and wannabe yogi’s out there, the instructors at Yoga La Vie are going live on Instagram with a whole range of different disciplines.


With over 10 live workouts already on their Instagram page that you can follow, the guys at UnderdogBoxn gym in Dubai aren’t messing around when it comes to fitness.

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