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The 10 Best Eyelash Extension Salons In Dubai

The 10 best eyelash extension salons in Dubai to pamper yourself with.

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No beauty look is complete without a set of eyelashes to finish off the glam. It’s no surprise, then, that the region and its ever-so-glamorous women love dramatic looks for their brunches and night outs in the city. Although the best lash lift or faux lashes do upgrade a simplistic look, nothing beats classic eyelash extensions, since they’re quite low maintenance and you don’t have to spend hours on them everyday.

Whether you DIY it or go to the salon, it’s important that you or your preferred salon utilize the best eyelash extension products like the best eyelash extension glue, as well as the best eyelash extension tweezers to ensure a seamless process and longevity. The best extension tweezers for lash extensions are exceptionally important, as they make it easier to navigate every strand of eyelash extensions, which are often very fine. Based on your style of choice, however, it’s important to go for one that suits your technique best, as some people might find it much easier to apply 2D – 4D lashes with a 45-degree tweezer, and those who prefer sets like 5D – 8D lashes tend to prefer using a 90-degree tweezer.

You may be wondering: how long do eyelash extensions last? The answer differs drastically accordingly to each person, and the amount of time they spend on aftercare and upkeep. The salon will always advise the best aftercare procedures in line with the products its has used, so it’s best to follow the advice of your eyelash technician. However, as a rule of thumb it is advised to clean your lashes and remove all makeup thoroughly every night to extend their lifeline and keep them looking fresh for as long as possible. Additionally, if you live in hot cities like Dubai, it’s important to opt for the right glue to combat intense weather. Some of the best eyelash extension glues for high humidity are Fina Glue and Q-1 Glue, among others. The trick is to choose a glue that is more resistant to water and oil to deal with the increased oil production and sweating that occurs during the heat.

If you enjoy getting your lashes done but dislike the removal process at the salon (and paying more for the additional process), you can do that yourself too.

How to remove eyelash extensions at home

  • Believe it or not, many claim that the best eyelash extension glue remover can be created by making a simple concoction of hot water and soap along with a little bit of makeup remover or coconut/olive oil (make sure to opt for one that is safe to use on your face).
  • Natural ingredients or organic options are the least harmful if you are hypoallergenic, and make the best eyelash extension cleansers by allowing the lash glue and lash adhesives to come off easily.
  • After application, the lashes can be removed using a cotton bud by applying the mixture repeatedly and gently.
  • It’s imperative to remain patient to avoid accidentally tugging on you real lashes and damaging them.

If your search right now is full of questions like, “What are the best eyelash extension salons near me” or “where can I get lash extensions in Dubai”, Vogue Arabia’s list will aid in that search — we have rounded up some of the best eyelash extension salons in Dubai for your next glam session. Keep scrolling to see our top picks.

1. Bedashing Beauty Lounge

This award-winning salon has branches in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, and is a favorite among many, Bedashing Beauty Lounge has been a reputable salon for years and continues to deliver quality service. Their eyelash extension packages are priced at AED 500 and take around 2 hours to complete.

Reservations and inquiries: +971 2 417 1999,

2. Tips & Toes

Tips & Toes is another favorite among residents, and one of the oldest salons in the region known for their great service across all branches. Loved and trusted for eyelash extensions in Dubai, this spot is one you can’t go wrong with. Prices start from AED 385 to AED 450 for varying lash styles and types.

Reservations and inquiries: +971 (0) 4 399 0550

3. Pastels Salon


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If you’re looking to get hybrid eyelash extensions, look no further — can give you the best natural looking eyelash extensions to seamlessly enhance your natural beauty. The salon has two gorgeous locations: one at The Ritz Carlton in JBR, and the other one at Al Wasl Road in Jumeirah.

Reservations and inquiries: +971 (0) 4 399 0550,

4. Sisters Beauty Lounge


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The Sisters Beauty Lounge won ‘Best Beauty Salon Dubai 2024,’ so expect the best services by industry experts. The salon’s prices start from AED 185 to AED 375, and lash removal starts from AED 80. With several locations in Dubai and Abu Dhabi — you will find Sisters Beauty Lounge in key spots including Mirdif City Center, Mall of Emirates, Dubai Mall and more so you can get your lashes done right after a day of shopping.

Reservations and inquiries: 800-SISTERS

5. Blo Out Beauty 

Another favorite among residents, Blo Out Beauty situated in Jumeirah is renowned for its great packages and offers. While the salon does not have a website, you can keep an eye out on its Instagram page to remain up-to-date with latest offers, updated every month. Blo Out Beauty’s  full set of classic lash extensions start from AED 189 and last lifts start from AED 163.

Reservations and inquiries: 043313109,

6. Xtend Beauty Salon 

If you have sensitive skin, struggle with allergies and find yourself constantly Googling, “Are eyelash extensions safe?”, then hypoallergenic lashes were made for you. Utilizing gentle adhesives and materials specifically made for sensitive skin, Xtend Beauty promises a wide range of services that promise to give you among the best best eyelash extensions in Dubai. 

Reservations and inquiries: +971566147144

7. Brow and Beauty

Brow and Beauty specializes in permanent makeup — however, they also provide varying lash extension styles like classic eyelash extensions, 2D, 3D and Lebanese style extensions. The prices for the classic lash extension service starts from AED 300 to AED 600 for a mix of 2D+ 3D eyelash extensions. Additionally, you can also find the best lash lift in Dubai at the salon at a reasonable price.

Reservations and inquiries:

8. Browns & Co


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Browns & Co is a leading luxury clinic founded by expert SPMU and microblading artists Chloe & Fiona. The clinic reimagines the beauty experience by enmeshing it with a holistic angle to present a rejuvenating experience, and of course, some of the best eyelash extensions in Dubai. The award winning brow, lash, skin and semi-permament makeup treatment prices start from AED 400 to AED 725 for a full volume 5 – 6 D lash set — with lash tints starting from AED 75 for those who want the glam without the added hassle and upkeep. Although lash tints are not as long lasting, they are still a great option!

Reservations and inquiries: 04 273 1555

9. Brau


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As the name suggests, Brau specializes in bespoke brows and lashes, along with semi permanent makeup. But what are the best eyelash extensions? The answer depends on each client’s preferences, as some might prefer a more natural look while others might prefer a dramatic set. This salon promises to listen to your specific preferences and design the perfect set of lashes for you, promising perfection each time. Brau is a hotspot among Dubai’s influencers and beauty enthusiasts — and for good reason. It currently has two branches in Dubai — one in Springs Souk, and the other one in Umm Suqeim 2. Head over for the best semi permanent eyelash extensions.

Reservations and inquiries: +971 4 437 2600,

10. The Salon Dubai

With 10 locations in Dubai paired with reasonable prices, The Salon Dubai needs no introduction and is one worth adding to your list if you’ve been on the hunt for the best eyelash extensions in Dubai. Its classic lash full set only starts from AED 250 to AED 299 and is done by skilled lash technicians who hone years of experience. The salon also offers free parking at all of the branches so you can enjoy a relaxing and rejuvenating day out without any worries.

Reservations and inquiries: +971 54 445 2502,

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