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Tighten, Brighten, and Smooth Skin with 2022’s 5 Best Complexion Tech Tools

Photgraphy: Tina Patni

1. Solaris Laboratories How To Glow 2.0 Multi Corrective Light Therapy Skin System

This visor-style masks delivers a dose of four LED lights, with each wavelength performing its own task, from easing age spots and calming redness, to boosting lymphatic drainage. The transparent design makes it conveniently mobile, for those who don’t have 20 minutes to lie still. AED 422

2. Mz Skin Led 2.0 Lightmax Supercharged Led Mask

Created by Dr. Maryam Zamani, this comfortable, if not slightly unsettling led treatment mask is a next-gen improvement on light therapy, promising results after four weeks of use. With three light wavelengths, both the anti-aging and acne modes can be used separately or combined in a routine to target hyperpigmentation, breakouts, redness, collagen stimulation, surface repair, and skin conditioning. AED 2, 750

3.  Mdo By Simon Ourian Md Facial Sculpting Wand

Small yet mighty, this facial sculpting wand elevates the humble skin roller. Created by celebrity dermatologist Simon Ourian, it sends micro-vibrations through the skin to further blood circulation to the surface. Used in conjunction with an oil or serum, it’s a five-minute facial that can be done every day. AED 254

Photgraphy: Tina Patni

4. Lyma The Lyma Laser

Described as “life-changing” by its devotees, this cult favorite comes with high expectations, and a price tag to match. The world’s first at-home cosmetic laser features a 500mw infrared laser, designed to penetrate to the deepest dermal level, and four antibacterial blue LEDs. Ideal for more demanding and all-over skin issues, expect to see pigmentation lifted, acne scars faded, and sagging skin re-tightened – all in just 20 minutes per day. AED 9, 178

5. Nuface Fix Line Smoothing Device

Target stubborn wrinkles and lines with this fun-sized device. The fix’s petite shape means it can reach every facial contour with ease, using a gentle, non-invasive micro-current to smooth away the appearance of fine lines on larger areas like the forehead, as well as around the more delicate eye area. Use in conjunction with the full-sized nuface device for added facial contouring. AED 799

Originally published in the January 2022 issue of Vogue Arabia

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