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How Bella Hadid Prepares for the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show


Courtesy of Nike

The 2016 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show is set to air on December 5th. This year, Bella Hadid will be joining big sister Gigi for the first time on the runway in Paris. The 20-year-old, who was signed as a brand ambassador for Nike days after announcing her inaugural Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show casting, swiftly proved why she’s the best fit for both roles. Following the Nike announcement, the Palestinian-American beauty received backlash for not being “athletic enough” to front the campaigns, despite being a champion equestrian. Hadid didn’t directly address the comments but instead responded to the naysayers via a quick video on Instagram, showcasing her swift boxing skills. The early morning sweat session, which took place at Gotham Gym in New York, saw the model throwing punches and accurately dodging her opponent in the ring for two hours — suggesting that, though she may be an angel, she’s not someone you want to mess with.

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