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Bella Hadid Joins Charlotte Tilbury As Its New Beauty Muse and Partner


Photo: Yasmine Diba

Supermodel and activist Bella Hadid has officially joined the Charlotte Tilbury family as its newest beauty muse and partner, following in the footsteps of some of the world’s most influential women including Kate Moss, Lily James, Michaela Jae Rodriguez, Jourdan Dunn and Han So Hee.

The partnership, it turns out, was destined from the day two women met in New York last year, while both were attending the Prince’s Trust Gala. “I have admired Charlotte for years, she is a true creative force and we both share a passion for empowering confidence and creating a meaningful beauty community. When I saw Charlotte at the Prince’s Trust Gala, I remember she was standing up dancing at the table right next to mine (when nobody else was!),” Hadid shares. “I knew then she would be my new dance partner. She is such a divine light in how she works and connects with people. The universe wanted us to be together that night, and look where we are now!”


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Mirroring Hadid’s energy, Charlotte Tilbury MBE couldn’t be happier about the new development. “From beauty magic to beauty tech and so much more, Bella is just as obsessed as I am with breaking boundaries and transcending the real and virtual worlds, and I cannot wait to share with you all the extraordinary, magical moments we have in store,” she Tilbury revealed today. After all, at 26 years old, Hadid has sealed her spot among the biggest names in the fashion industry across the globe, and continues to use her public platform to inspire positive change, making her the ideal choice. “I’ve always loved and admired Bella, and when we were together in New York at the Prince’s Trust Gala last year, we both knew we HAD to do something magical together,” the British beauty entrepreneur and makeup artist said. “Our creative connection and energy is extraordinary and exciting — it is truly a meeting of minds and souls! I’m so thrilled that we got to shoot our very first campaign together in London, earlier this month.” And what was that experience like? “On set, Bella is utterly mesmerizing,” Tilbury said. “She looks so beautiful and confident from every angle… I just couldn’t take my eyes off her! She is the most incredible professional, a true creative collaborator and she is just pure joy and fun to be around, we all adored her energy.”

A true CT girl, Bella is no stranger to the beauty brand, and already has her favorite products picked out. “I’ve always been genuinely obsessed with all of Charlotte’s innovations, they are so easy to use and have the most incredible results,” the model revealed. “It’s so important for me to be able to trust my makeup, and I know the quality and technology of Charlotte’s formulas means that I can look and feel my most confident self, from red carpets to fashion shows, to shoots. Her products are forever part of my everyday makeup routine, whether I’m working or off-duty they really are my confidence-boosting kit. I can instantly see the difference they make on my skin and they allow me to glow and grow from within. I just love them all, it’s why I wanted to partner with Charlotte — I just can’t wait to create ground-breaking makeup magic together!”

Bringing together the best of both worlds—Charlotte Tilbury MBE’s beauty-tech platforms and Bella Hadid’s massive following in digital spaces, the unique partnership can only mean bigger, more exciting projects in the future. Think digital beauty innovations, iconic campaigns, original content creation and disruptive global moments, all of which come perfectly timed with the brand’s 10th anniversary year. In Tilbury’s words, “I have always been on a mission to empower everyone, everywhere – to unlock their inner confidence to make their dreams come true. I love that Bella shares this belief. She is a pioneer for positive change and puts her whole heart into everything she does. Bella understands the power of makeup to create confidence, and together we want to inspire everyone around the world to feel the same. Because when you feel your most beautiful and confident, you can conquer your world and make your dreams come true.”


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