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Beautyblender’s Bounce Foundation is Finally Arriving in the Middle East


Whether you’re a beauty beginner or aficionado you will have come across Beautyblender. The little egg-shaped hot pink sponge, founded in 2003 by Rea Ann Silva has created a legion of fans anticipating the brand’s next game-changing chapter. In steps Bounce Liquid Whip Long Wear Foundation. With a unique formula that offers a creamy matte finish without compromising the look of the skin, and an innovative casing it has already gained recognition worldwide. For the Middle East launch, brand ambassador and the daughter of Silva, Erica Dickerson arrives Dubai with the 40 shades in tow.

“It made sense,” begins Dickerson of Beautyblenders move into makeup, “Our products are used for the complexion. My mom was a professional makeup artist for 25 years and her dream was always to launch makeup first.” Having previously worked on TV sets where high definition proved to be an obstacle with every pore being on display, Silva worked with an airbrush machine before experimenting with sponges. When others took note and sponges started going missing from her kit, she knew she was onto something. Soon Sephora came knocking and the brand expanded with more tools before foundation naturally became the next step.

Created in Milan the formula is unique to others on the market. Easy to apply with easy blendability, the finish is a velveteen matte meaning the skin still looks texturized. “Our whole line is really focused on undertone,” says Dickerson, “It’s wildly overlooked.” Having originally featured 32 shades in their first preview showcased in the USA in June of last year, the range expanded to 40 in December. This included offering the darkest shade available in Sephora. Taking time to perfect these shades, inclusivity is a focus for the brand as they move into the future. “We will always continue to grow. There are so many skin tones and undertones. We could do 100,” says Dickerson.

Promising 24-hour coverage, which has stood the tests of countless beauty editors and influencers the packaging has also been met with positive reviews. Arriving in a partially clear case designed specifically to be used with the Beautyblender, there is a lock function as well to stop any spillages in your beauty bag. It’s no wonder when asked where the brand is looking to move next Dickerson hints, “We are staying in the complexion category.”

Beautyblender Bounce Liquid Whip Long Wear Foundation is US40 or AED/SAR170 and available at 

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