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From Hosny to Hepburn: How to Do a Makeover Like a Screen Siren

Getty / Fotos International

Getty / Fotos International

There’s no greater source of sartorial inspiration than the movies, where each heroine lingers in 2D perfection. We cut to the cinematic greats, and see what essential beauty lessons can be gleaned from these leading ladies. Put down the popcorn, and draw your LV vanity case near. Scroll down for a 101 on classic beauty tips.

A Rumor of Love (1960)

Actress: Soad Hosny as Samiha

Hailed as the Cinderella of the Egyptian silver screen, this 1960 film directed by Fatin Abdel Wahab is a quintessential love story following the tale of a young man and his struggles to be with the woman he loves. Between the periods of 1959 and 1991, Hosny starred in over 83 movies, and inspired generations of women with her signature doe eyes.

Beauty lesson: Load on the mascara, but finely comb out each lash for maximum impact. Set the rollers on high heat, and back comb your hair to get some movement. The street is your stage, after all.

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How to Marry a Millionaire (1953)

Actress: Marilyn Monroe as Pola Debevoise

In this decadent romantic comedy, Monroe fans witness a softer lip shade on the star, and everyone’s favorite screen siren sports a pair of horn-rimmed glasses. Signature pouts and sighs are at an all time high in this flick.

Beauty lesson: Do love, wear, and repeat your signature beauty look, but go for softer shades of lipstick once in a while.

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Cleopatra (1963)

Actress: Elizabeth Taylor as Cleopatra

In her most potent role as the Egyptian leader, it cost US $31.1 million to make this movie that grossed US $57.8 million in the box office. Without a doubt, this is Taylor’s most iconic role. Surely sales in eyeliner spiked in ‘63.

Beauty lesson: More is more when it comes to eyeshadow. She who dares…

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Thomas Crown Affair (1968)

Getty / Silver Screen Collection

Getty / Silver Screen Collection

Actress: Faye Dunaway as Vicki Anderson

With a permanently perfect coif, pristine nails, peachy lipstick, and matte powdery cheeks, Dunaway struts through cinema’s favorite affair with aplomb.

Beauty lesson: Never overdo blusher; subtle is sophisticated.

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Breakfast at Tiffany’s (1961)

Getty / Fotos International

Getty / Fotos International

Actress: Audrey Hepburn as Holly Golightly

In the film that made the Givenchy little black dress an eternal classic, and tiara-topped French pleated hair totally acceptable prior to one’s 6am coffee, Audrey Hepburn is on her best beauty form.

Beauty lesson: A slick of liquid eyeliner will elevate every outfit. Complete with a soft peach lip color.

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