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Nadine Nassib Njeim’s Most Timeless Hair and Makeup Looks

Boasting luscious, brunette hair, large almond-shaped eyes, year-round bronzed-out limbs, and the signature dot above her lip, Nadine Nassib Njeim is the epitome of Arab beauty. The Lebanese-Tunisian model, actor, and former Vogue Arabia cover star first gained international recognition after winning the 2004 Miss Lebanon competition. She would go on to represent her country in the Miss Universe pageant in Thailand a year later. With the help of her million dollar looks, the Beirut-born beauty queen went on to pursue an acting career, starring in various lead roles for TV series such as Law and Cello, Samra 3eshk el Nesa, and Tareeq. The superstar also became the first female Arab actor to cross over globally, landing interviews and editorials for countless publications.

The mother-of-two has transformed her look countless of times over the past few years, whether for an acting role or just to change things up. When it comes to her hair, Njeim has experimented with different cuts including angular bobs, choppy lobs, sweeping side bangs, and waist-skimming waves (sometimes with a little help of hair extensions). When she first emerged on the scene, the actor had dyed, pitch black lengths, which would quickly morphe into a warmer shade of chestnut as the years went on. And whether she’s attending high-profile galas with Bulgari or sitting front row at her good friend Zuhair Murad‘s show during Paris Fashion Week (he dreamed up her wedding dress in 2012), Njeim never fails to display an unparalleled lineup of inimitable hairstyles such as voluminous updos, romantic ponytails secured at the nape of her neck, and tumbling curls swept to one side.

As for her makeup, the main message conveyed by Njeim is “go bold or go home”. The Arabian beauty is rarely seen without perfectly-sculpted cheekbones, eyebrow-skimming false eyelashes, bold, neatly groomed arches, a sharp feline flick, smoldering, smoked-out eyelids, and her signature nude pout. When she wants to amp up the drama, the actor will showcase a shift from her natural chocolate-colored gaze by sporting blue contact lenses to make her eyes really stand out. In the gallery above, we trace some of Njeim’s most timeless hair and makeup moments.

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