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Say Goodbye To Sun Damage With This Pain Free Facial


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The weather is dull and dusty, and with humidity on the rise skin will undoubtedly start to look a little lackluster. If not a lot. Combined with aging, a healthy, glowing complexion may seem all but impossible to achieve. In steps BBL BroadBand Light therapy. Promising a new generation of Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) treatments, it uses the power of broadband light energy to heat the upper layers of the dermis. Once absorbed it stimulates skin cells into regenerating new collagen. The results? Natural beauty is restored, with an evener tone and smoother skin.

Living in a climate like the Middle East, the treatment also assists in reversing damage caused by the sun. In focus, brown and age spots. Unwanted redness and unwanted melanin can also be eliminated through the treatment, as the photothermal energy cuts down thin vessels just beneath the dermis. Research has shown that even those who received the treatment 10+ years ago, still show results. Not just for your face, it is also effective on the neck, chest, arms, and hands, to name but a few, for head to toe skin that glows.

For the majority of cases, BBL requires no downtime, although there may be a little redness and in some cases a bit of peeling. Taking just 12-15 minutes for the full face, you can even do it on your lunch break. It is also advised that patients remain out of direct sunlight or go tanning for one month before, and one month after the treatment.

Forever Young BBL Treatment starts at AED 750 and is available at Nova Clinic by Aesthetics Dubai

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