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Bassam Fattouh Shares on His Latest Collaboration with This Lebanese Singer

Lebanese makeup artist Bassam Fattouh has recently unveiled his latest collaboration with popular Lebanese singer Elissa. Fattouh is known around the world as the man behind some of the most iconic makeup looks seen on A-list stars of the likes of Haifa Wehbe and Elissa. As a part of Bassam Fattouh Cosmetics — the label launched by the artist in 2010 due to the requests from fans and clients — the duo has created a new eyeshadow palette named, The Star. We caught up with the acclaimed artist to find out more about the collaboration.

How did this collaboration come about? 

Elissa is a very dear and good friend. We have been working together for more than 20 years and we have always had this kind of collaboration in mind. We thought of an eyeshadow palette specifically, because Elissa is known for the beauty of her eyes and the smokey eye makeup look seen on her most times.

Elissa. Courtesy of Bassam Fattouh Cosmetics

What is your earliest memory with Elissa? When did you start working together? 

Every project we worked on holds a special memory. We started working together in 1999. The strongest memory that I will always hold close to my heart, is the clip from her song Ila Kol Elli Bihebbouni where I was shown wiping her tears. That was a very genuine and emotional moment and it meant a lot to me.

The Star Palette. Courtesy of Bassam Fattouh Cosmetics

What are the new products you are presenting in this collection? 

It is an eye shadow palette that features 18 shades with new and innovative formulas and textures. Each one is named after a story or a memory that we both shared together.

How long did it take you to work on this collaboration?

It took me a year and a half to come up with this product. We worked hard on the choice of the colors, their textures, and their names. We also took the time to choose a product design that goes perfectly with this collaboration.

How does Elissa represent your brand? And how does she inspire you? 

Elissa with her self-confidence and strong character inspires a lot of people including myself. I love how she has a very strong character while keeping the feminine aspect always dominant.

Do you have any tips on how to use the eyeshadow palette? 

Always blend very well the colors on the eye — the less pigment on the brush the better. Try to use the glitter and shimmery shades with the fingers instead of the brush to get a better pay-off.

Elissa. Courtesy of Bassam Fattouh Cosmetics

Tell us more about Elissa’s look seen on the campaign image of this collaboration.

It’s her signature look with a small twist: a bit more edgy and modern. We took the smoky eye look to another direction where we added a spotlight on the middle of the eye using one of the palette’s bold colors.

What is next for your brand? 

We have more than 4 new products coming up super soon. Stay tuned!

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