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These Beauty Tips by Bassam Fattouh are Everything You Need to Look Flawless on Your Wedding Day

Bassam Fattouh and Christina Mourad on the day of her wedding with Elie Saab Jr. Supplied

Renowned Lebanese makeup artist Bassam Fattouh is the talent behind the looks of the biggest names in the Middle East. Besides working with celebrities like Haifa Wehbe and Elissa, Fattouh is also the artist chosen by brides to look their best on their big day. The artist recently worked on the bride’s look for one of the biggest weddings this season — Christina Mourad and Elie Saab Jr.’s. Speaking to of Mourad’s makeup for the wedding Fattouh said, “Christina Mourad is known for her natural beauty and for how soft and warm she is.”

“I always go for a makeup look that reflects the true character of the bride, which is the reason why I used very light and natural shades on the lips and cheeks. As for the eyes, I went for a mix of nude and soft shimmery gold shadows from my new palette. Her look was soft yet very royal and it reflected the true lady she is,” he added.

Lebanese actress Lea Bou Chaaya wearing Rami Kadi for Bassam Fattouh Cosmetics. Courtesy of Bassam Fattouh

We asked the artist to share his top do’s and don’ts for brides before the wedding day, to make sure the resulting look is flawless.

1. Take adequate rest

“There are many beauty tips that can be given to a bride-to-be, but I always advise my brides to get as much rest as they can before the wedding day, to keep the skin very well hydrated so we can have a natural glow on their big day.”

2. Avoid peels before your wedding

“A month ahead of the big day, the woman should start hydrating and taking the necessary actions for clean and glowy skin. And I always ask my brides not to do any peeling before the wedding because makeup can hide everything but this.”

3. The makeup look must reflect the bride’s personality 

“The first thing is the character of the bride. We want a look that reflects her personality and style.”

4. Do not experiment on the day of the wedding

“The bride should look like herself on her big day, it is not the day for her to experiment new and edgy makeup looks”

5. The one bridal makeup trend you can’t go wrong with

“Glowy skin and minimal makeup — earthy and natural colors for the eyes and lips have been a massive trend for years, and they continue to dominate the scene this season.”

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