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Banish Summer Frizz With the Next Generation of Hair Botox

Vogue Arabia, November 2021. Photo: William Lords

Is a fear of the frizz keeping you inside this summer? While hair smoothing treatments have been popularized, then just as quickly vilified for suspect ingredients lists – the Brazilian Blowout in particular became controversial in the 2010s – 2023’s updated hair smoothing treatments are safe to use. The Btox Violine La Vie Liss treatment by Brazilian haircare brand Arknvie is leading the way with its mane-smoothing treatment recently launched in Dubai.

A favorite of We Nails Dubai hair stylist, Ilona Orebo, the synergetic treatment works for all hair types, with the ability to defrizz natural curls or to completely straighten locks, depending on how the stylist uses it. “You can use it as a zero-frizz treatment for wavy hair; as a straightening system for curly hair; and as a definition treatment for curls,” explains Orebo. “It all depends on the form of application, time of processing and using a flat iron or not.”


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One of the first salons in the Middle East to introduce the Arkenvie brand of hair botox, the treatment at We Nails Dubai will take roughly two to three hours, depending on the hair length, thickness, and desired finish. First the hair is washed and blow dried, with the La Vie Liss product applied to the entirety of the hair. After being left to saturate the hair strands, the hair is rinses, blow dried again, and then straightened if desired. The treatment doesn’t wear off, instead it grows out with the hair, with quicker root touch-ups available. “Hair botox smoothes and realigns the hair fiber, resulting in smoother, frizz-free hair, as it reconstructs and adds shine as well as hydration,” shares Orebo. “It contains natural actives such as the acai berry extract that reinforces and gives shine to the threads, and sunflower seed oil that nourishes and eliminates the dry aspect. The hydrolyzed collagen promotes a deep realignment of the cuticle layers.” The treatment can be used on natural or dyed hair, with an anti-yellowing complex making it suitable for blondes.

Hair botox lasts for a minimum of three months, and for up to one full year. Aftercare is simple – just use your favorite hydrating and nourishing shampoo and conditioner. Hair coloring and bleaching should also be postponed until two weeks after the hair botox treatment. Arknvie Btox Violine La Vie Liss at We Nails Dubai starts from AED840 for roots retouch. Medium hair is AED995-1200, and long hair is AED1200-1500.

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