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How To Ace TikTok’s Latest Nail Trend: Manicures Based on Your Aura


Whether or not you believe in personal energy fields, it’s hard not to fall for the latest manicure craze sweeping TikTok – aura nails. To nail the trend, all you need to do is determine what color your own aura is (or what you’d like it to be).


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To the uninitiated, an aura is the electromagnetic field that surrounds a person’s body and can describe their energy. They show up in the form of different colors, which each color carrying a different meaning. If your aura is pink, your energy is gentle and loving. If it’s yellow, you’re likely to be optimistic and a bit of a free spirit.

Certain people claim they are able to see other people’s auras, but we all have the ability to feel someone else’s aura (and you can even catch someone’s aura –  they’re contagious, you see). You know when someone makes you feel uneasy? That’s you sensing a negative aura. Or if you see someone and instantly feel uplifted and energized? That’s you and their aura vibing.


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To see your own aura, you can try a few at-home tricks. First, take a selfie. Can you see a faint hue around your outline? It could be your aura. Or, look in the mirror and squint. If there’s a particular color popping up, it’s likely to be your aura.

Luckily, aura nails don’t have to be accurate, so don’t worry if you can’t get a sense of your own. You can pretty much choose any color on the aura color chart, but you might want to select shades that represent how you feel, or how you would like to feel (and don’t be afraid to go bold and bright).


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Once you’ve selected your nail polishes, all that’s left to do is apply them to your nails. Professionals trend to use an airbrush machine to create a diffused design atop a neutral or pastel base coat to help the aura stand out.

For anyone attempting aura nails at home, all you’ll need is a dotting tool (or a pin, bobby pin, or cotton bud – anything that can create a small circle on your nail) and either a brush or a teeny, tiny sponge.


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Once you’ve painted on a dot of color onto your nail bed, you want to blend it out with the sponge or brush to create a super soft, blended out halo-effect. Next, apply another dot of color at the center to create intensity. Et voilà!

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