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The Best At-Home Neck-Smoothing Solutions to Treat Signs of Aging

Aging doesn’t have to be a dramatic swan song. Ward off the scalpel with these at-home neck-smoothing solutions.

Vogue Arabia, March 2018. Photo: Patrick Demarchelier

You can always tell someone’s true age by their neck, goes the dermatologist’s chorus. Even in a time of more accessible surgical inventions, the intent still stands, with the skin on the neck an aging telltale. While it’s easy to overlook extending a skincare routine to the neck, the benefits become increasingly more visible with age. Even more delicate than the face, the skin on the neck is extremely thin, making it unable to retain much moisture. The first signs of aging –fine lines, sagging, sun damage, pigmentation, and uneven texture – also emerge earlier on the neck and upper décolletage. “The neck is an area of concern because of the way the skin can sag as we age,” explains Lily Earle, co-founder and CCO of Cellreturn Middle East and UK. “This is because our skin stops producing collagen around the age of 30, with production slowing ­ om 25, and skin on the neck and jawline starts to sag as the skin is constantly fighting against gravity leading to double chins, so-called turkey neck, and jowls on the jawline.” Add into this the neck’s ­ frequent movements, ­ from the modern problem of “tech neck” caused by looking down at devices and laptops, to unprotected sun exposure, and lining caused by awkward sleeping positions, and it’s clear the neck needs as much extra attention as it can get.

Karina Sulzer, founder of Skin Gym, says the first place to start is by extending skincare to the neck, including cleanser, moisturizer, and sunscreen. “A good skincare routine for your neck is just as important as for the face, especially for those regularly exposed to the sun or the ones who spend long hours on their phones,” she explains. Add extra care in the evening by adding a dedicated an anti-aging serum and using a tool to apply slight pressure onto the contours of the neck. She recommends using a gua sha – a smooth jade or quartz tool – to massage the neck in with firm, upwards motions to help sculpt and depuff. To amp up the massaging technique, she recommends upgrading to a powered tool to help strengthen and tighten the muscles. “Skin Gym’s Beauty Liftin Vibrating T-Bar is designed with sonic vibrational technology, with 6 000 vibrations per minute. It instantly makes skin feel and appear toned, lifted, and contoured,” she says. “Simply turn the roller on, and using a serum or neck cream, gently smooth the bar upward across the neck to help with lines.”

For more intensive damage control, look to the next-generation of targeted tech. Earle says that the Cellreturn Neckle device (AED4 290) can deliver the same results at home as a full clinic treatment. Having taken off in popularity in Korea, the device has now launched in the Middle East as the only one on the market that treats the full neck circumference, not just the throat and ­ front area. Clamping around the neck like a science ƒ fiction collar, the three modes eat skin issues in bouts of 20 minutes, with results after four weeks of use. Earle says the red-light mode is the most popular as it addresses the signs of aging by lifting and smoothing the skin. “This program works by using a unique combination of red LED light and near-infrared technology to help stimulate the fibroblasts deep in the skin,” explains Earle. “These cells are responsible for the collagen and hyaluronic acid production in our skin, leading to plumper, glowing, and younger looking skin along with hydrating the skin ­from the inside out,” she says. “In the long term, the red mode will help skin produce more collagen and hyaluronic acid in the neck and jawline area, for a more defined jawline, reduction in double chin, and smoother, plumper skin. Near-in­frared also helps with lymphatic drainage to reduce any puffiness of the skin or fluid build-up in the neck area. “The blue mode regulates sebum production and kills bacteria responsible for acne, while the pink program – a combination of the blue and red wavelengths – helps calm sensitive and reactive skin and is ideal for treating hyperpigmentation and rosacea. Fasten on daily for a month, and this at-home tech tool may soon become an indispensable part of a modern anti-aging routine.

Originally published in the July 2022 issue of Vogue Arabia

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