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This New App By an Emirati Duo Will Bring Your Favorite Salons to Your Home

The soon-to-be launching beauty app, Jeem will have you covered with head-to-toe beauty services at your fingertips. Whether it’s getting a long overdue facial, wax, or a relaxing massage on days when you’re running on a tight schedule or having one of those days when you just don’t feel like stepping out the door – we have all been there.

Co-founders and eager beauty enthusiasts Shaima Amiri and Maryam Abdulaziz founded Jeem in 2018 as a solution to busy bookings and long waiting times at salons. “The idea came to us when we were trying to find a beauty appointment for an event and were frustrated with calling the salons,” says Shaima Amiri, co-founder and the spokesperson of the brand. “We realized that many women, especially within our community of Emiratis, were facing the same dilemma,” she adds.

Shaima Amiri. Courtesy of Jeem

Bringing your favorite salons into the comfort of your home, the app also caters to those for whom privacy is important. “We conceptualized Jeem as the answer to our question of comfort, our privacy and most importantly, our need for some quality TLC and salon time without the wait time or dealing with unavailable time slots.”

Together with its user-friendly medium, customers will be able to choose from a wide range of services from manis, pedis and facials to treatments and makeup packages by both licensed and freelance beauty technicians and makeup artists. Spoiled for choice, one can choose at their own convenience as well as being able to make an informed decision with previous works displayed by the beauty provider.

Courtesy of Jeem

The new on-demand beauty app’s name holds a special meaning: jeem is the first letter in the Arabic word “Jamal”, which means ‘beauty’ in English. “We thought that it was a great way to express beauty,” says Amiri, “especially because Maryam and I are proud Emiratis and we are proud of our country and heritage.” Coming from a background in Communications and PR, co-founder Maryam Abdulaziz adds, “While Jeem does mainly cater to those on the hunt for beauty services at home, Jeem also aims to empower local salons and beauticians by offering them a platform to expand their customer base and further develop their business.”

JEEM will be available on iOs and Android on July 1, 2019. For more information, visit

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