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Show Us How You Embrace The Self-Love Movement Just As These Eight Powerful Arab Women Did

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The self-empowering capability of makeup — lipstick, in particular — is often understated. Enter MAC’s new Love Me lipsticks. With a variety of shades, ranging from powerful reds to shameless nudes and high impact purples, each piece of the collection is crafted with the intention of making you love yourself that much more. One swipe of any of the stunning shades, crafted using lychee fruit extract and Argan oil, and you’re ready for world domination. It’s not just us who thinks so — below are eight powerful women from the region enlisted by Vogue Arabia who also believe that with MAC’s new Love Me lipsticks, it really is love at first swipe.

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Cynthia Samuel wears As If I Care

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Miss Universe Lebanon 2015, Cynthia Samuel says, “What makes me feel confident is my positive energy.” She adds, “With time, you realize that outer beauty fades away. What’s important to know is that what matters is the inside – the inside is always going to influence the outside.”

Yara Alnamlah wears French Silk

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Yara Alnamlah, renowned Saudi makeup artist and YouTuber, says, “I’m young, I’m ambitious, and I love challenging myself to do what I think is impossible.” While being a beauty influencer with over 800,000 followers, Alnamlah also studies architecture. “Confidence is everything,” she adds. Her key to success? “Loving yourself.”

Leena Al Ghouti wears Under The Covers

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Palestinian-Canadian street-style star Leena Al Ghouti is hailed as a pioneer in the modest fashion movement. “Sometimes if I don’t find the right size or shape for me, I go to the men’s section and style it in a really feminine way,” she shares. Ghouti believes she’s adaptable, and with her positive personality, anything is possible. “I get my confidence from the support that my family and friends give me,” she adds.

Ameni Esseibi wears La Femme

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Born and raised in Tunisia, Ameni Esseibi is known for shattering stereotypes in the modeling industry. “What makes me uniquely me?” she asks. “Thick skin.” By striving to drop the word “curvy” from her job description, the Arab model is a notable voice in the self-movement. Esseibi says,”We live in a society where people come up to you and tell you have a pretty face, and if you lost a little bit of weight, you would look fantastic. Why do I have to lose weight to look fantastic?”

Abeer Sinder wears Give Me Fever

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Abeer Sinder is the first black beauty vlogger from Saudi Arabia. She says, “As soon as you realize how unique you are and what you have to give to the world, it boosts your confidence.” After being unable to find a role model in the Arab world on social media who looked like her, Sinder decided to become one herself. “In the Middle East, I do stand out because we have a lack of showing black girls or women of different skin tones. When they see me, they will relate. That makes me really happy.”

Asma Eidian wears Shamelessly Vain

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Asma Eidian, nicknamed Osi by her followers, loves to wear bright colors and knows how to stand out from the crowd. “I’m fearless, balanced, brave, and kind, and I know myself,” says the Kuwaiti influencer.

Nouf Hamad AlSultan wears Bated Breath

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From Kuwait, radio anchor and influencer Nouf Hamad AlSultan says, “I think no one can rock this style. My work is my confidence.” She believes in staying focused and always giving her 100 percent. “It’s a strong thing to be a woman.”

Mthayel Al Ali wears Effortless

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From the United Arab Emirates, influencer and entrepreneur Mthayel Al Ali says, “What makes me uniquely me? My curiosity.” Al Ali runs her own marketing business, Tkhayyal, which means imagination. For her, “self-love is a journey.”

The MAC Love Me lipsticks are available for purchase at all MAC stores across the Middle East and

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