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Why Is Apple Cider Vinegar Our Best Natural Beauty Ally?

Vogue Arabia, January 2021. Photo: Carlos Teixeira

Smoothing, toning, purifying, anti-fungal… Apple cider vinegar offers a plethora of beauty benefits. While its rather acidic flavor isn’t to everyone’s taste, its many properties are set to give it a break from its spot on our kitchen counters, in favor of a place of choice on your bathroom shelf. Obtained through the double fermentation of apples, apple cider vinegar is thus enriched with alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs)—in this case malic and acetic acids—which are highly effective chemical exfoliants. Also composed of minerals, trace elements and vitamins A, B1, B2 and C, this ultra-complete formulation is more than suitable for treating a wide range of beauty ailments. It’s drinkable, available in a thousand and one formats, and features as the main ingredient in many products. Apple cider vinegar, in all its metamorphoses, is a beauty ally unlike any other.

What are the benefits of apple cider vinegar?

Quite simply, apple cider vinegar has multi-action properties. For the skin, malic and acetic acids are ideal for alleviating complexion issues. Malic acid, combined with vitamin C, is known to calm hyperpigmentation and reduce melanin production. Acetic acid, meanwhile, is naturally antibacterial, which is very useful for soothing blemishes, acne or eczema. More broadly, the exfoliating properties of these acids make apple cider vinegar a natural, gentle “peel”. Say goodbye to dead skin cells as you see your skin become visibly more glowy and supple thanks to vitamin B1, which also improves skin tone. The bonus? Apple cider vinegar is excellent for regulating blood sugar peaks. By diluting a teaspoon of it in water before meals, whatever your stomach then absorbs will have very little effect on your glycemic curve, helping to regulate your blood sugar levels.

The exfoliating action of these acids is just as beneficial for your hair. Two effects are particularly noteworthy: the slowing down of sebum formation and the elimination of external impurities or product residues, both of which help to cleanse and enhance hair shine. And what’s more, apple cider vinegar also has an immediate effect on dandruff. As a natural remedy for dandruff, apple cider vinegar’s acidity regulates the scalp’s pH and ultimately inhibits the production of these little dead flakes. In short, this natural solutions solve a thousand and one beauty problems, making it a ready-made self-care must-have.

How to incorporate apple cider vinegar into your beauty routine

Available in supermarkets everywhere, apple cider vinegar is an incredibly accessible and affordable product. For those on a tight schedule, the easiest way to go is to dilute it in a large glass of water (three glasses a day maximum). In fact, it’s not advisable to consume it directly, as this could damage your gastric walls, which are sensitive to vinegar’s high acidity. Whether in capsules, gummies, shampoos or facial care products, apple cider vinegar can be used in a variety of ways to multiply its benefits for all parts of the body.

Translated by Jack Pownall.

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