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Why Anine Bing’s Debut Scent is an A-List Favorite

You may recognize the name Anine Bing for its bohemian clothes and accessories donned by the likes of Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner. From lace bralettes to studded ankle boots, the celebrity circuit simply loves its aesthetic. Looking to the world of beauty, Creative Director Anine Bing launched a perfume oil entitled Savage Rose. Selling out over and over again, Bing talks about why she decided to create a debut fragrance and her inspiration behind the scent.

Why did you decide to move into the world of fragrance?

I’ve always been very into scents and I wanted to create something that felt personal and really represented a story from my life. Scent is the most powerful memory marker, and I grew up around the smell of fresh roses in my grandmother’s rose garden. I wanted to create something unique and meaningful, that will always remind me of my favorite place and people. It’s very special to know that the scent we’ve created will give people their own memories and reminders.

Why did you decide to create a perfume oil?

It’s more practical for taking on the go! You can’t throw a bottle of liquid perfume in your bag and spritz it in public, but a perfume oil is very discreet and easy to put it on wherever, whenever.

How did you come up with the name Savage Rose?

The essence of our brand is to capture both sides of women: soft and hard, edgy and feminine. This fragrance is an extension of that and represents who our customer is: both sweet and fierce. The fragrance has floral notes and spicy notes, just like who we are as a brand, and a community.

Tell us about the notes in the scent?

The two top notes are fresh Bulgarian rose and spicy black pepper.

What was your inspiration behind the fragrance?

Memories growing up in Copenhagen. My strong, beautiful grandmother and all women who are both sides of the spectrum at once.

Who is the Annie Bing girl?

Our girl is herself. Someone who knows who she is and isn’t afraid to be that. Fearless, strong, confident, original. She likes quality basics and simple statements. She is sophisticated, fun, and has a point of view.

Are you looking to create any other fragrances after the success of Savage Rose?

We might! But I kind of like the idea of one signature fragrance that defines the brand. We’ll see.

Savage Rose is US69 or AED/SAR253 and is available at

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