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Anine Bing Launches Her Second Fragrance Pure Noir

Anine Bing

Anine Bing is known for her and her eponymous labels undeniably chic aesthetic. One that in 2018 she encapsulated into a fragrance, Savage Rose. Today see’s the launch of her second scent Pure Noir. Bridging the gap between softness and strength, Anine Bing talks about the juice, where she wants it to transport you to, and how she wants you to feel.

What did you learn from your first fragrance, that helped lead to the second fragrance? 

I love thinking about the duality in women – how we have so many different sides, this was the true inspiration when we launched our first fragrance Savage Rose in 2017. I wanted our debut scent to really capture the essence of Anine Bing woman, but also the Anine Bing girl, and her many layers. In a way, the scent was the essence of romance and growing from a girl into a woman, falling in love with your feminine and masculine sides, learning how you can be soft and strong at the same time.

We will be launching Pure Noir as a fragrance and candle, we learned from Savage Rose that our customers loved having both a scent for them and a scent for their homes.

Did you begin with a concept or was there a note you wanted to work with for Pure Noir?

It has been three years since Savage Rose launched and I felt it was time to come back to the drawing board and re-evaluate the Anine Bing woman, how she has grown, how the brand has grown, and create a new scent which represents that. Pure Noir is such a personal scent, it’s a mysterious fragrance, when I wear it I feel independent, strong, and feminine.

How long have you been working on Pure Noir?

It has taken us roughly two years to launch Pure Noir, from the initial idea of the scent to today as we wanted to ensure we captured the right energy.

Talk to us about the blend?

We have created the fragrance by breaking down the notes into different categories; top notes, heart notes, and background notes which help to create the balance between softness and strength within Pure Noir. The top notes are a mix of papyrus, spicy saffron, and oakwood which are known for their masculine scents, yet mixed with the Baccarat rose Pure Noir feels strongly feminine. The heart notes include floral Baccarat rose to contrast against the strong black pepper. Finally, bold guaiac wood and mahogany wood are intertwined into the fragrance’s background for beautiful fusion.

Where does it transport you?

Pure Noir reminds me of my travels to all of my favorite cities around the world, staying at cozy boutique hotels, exploring new neighborhoods. It embodies the spirit of Copenhagen and Paris, which are both rich with possibility.

How do you want women to feel when wearing Pure Noir?

Pure Noir is a mysterious fragrance. When I wear it I feel independent, strong, and feminine which is how I want women to feel when they wear it. As a designer for women, I always take into consideration how our designs should empower women when they wear them and also be wearable in their everyday lives.

Are you excited to continue your journey with fragrance? 

I’m so excited for the next step in our fragrance journey and to finally be able to share Pure Noir with all of our customers around the world.

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