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Angelina Jolie’s Latest Updo Is So Simple, You Can Do It Yourself at Home

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Leave it to Angelina Jolie to nail the understated, DIY updo and make it look like the absolute epitome of chic. For a day out in Rome, Jolie pulled her hair off her face in a simple, sophisticated twist that I honestly think I could replicate myself, as limited as my hairstyling skills may be.

Jolie was snapped leaving her hotel with her dark hair swept back from her face and pulled up and back into an easy twist at the crown of her head. While we can’t see the full 360-degree detail view of said updo, it looks like a more casual version of the classic French twist, with a less precise “roll” to soften the style slightly. It looks like something Jolie may have whipped up herself so she didn’t have to fuss with her hair on a busy day. The more I look at it, the more I think, “Maybe I should try upgrading my daily daily scrunchie topknot with an elegant updo like this!” Updos don’t have to be intricate or stressful, as Jolie so beautifully proves here. A day out in Rome or a day at my desk … same thing, right?

Photo: Getty

I’ve been thinking about the twist for a few days now, but I’ve also been busy puzzling over the status of Jolie’s hair color. In the new images, it looks noticeably darker than the honey blonde color she was sporting earlier this summer, though you can see a hint of brightness at her ends even though they’re mostly tucked into her updo. The beachy blonde is gone, and it sure looks like Jolie is a fan of the 2023 take on ombré. Jolie kept the rest of her look as understated as the updo, with minimal makeup and either a barely-there manicure or none at all. Sometimes simplicity just hits the spot.

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