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In Amouage’s Secret Garden, Love Delight Is In Bloom

In keeping with its tradition of pushing the boundaries of perfumery to evoke emotions, qualities, and landscapes that few dare to articulate, Amouage has, once again, mastered the delicate craft of bottling joy.

Love Delight, Love Tuberose, Blossom Love, Lilac Love, Amouage; Dress, Shahad Al Bandar; Earrings, Swarovski. Photo: Esra Sam

This time, the luxury Omani high perfumery house adds to its illustrious Secret Garden Collection, introducing Love Delight, its all-new fragrance. Together with the Secret Garden’s existing treasures of Lilac Love, Blossom Love, and Love Tuberose, the new fragrance deepens the perfumer’s exploration of contemporary femininity.

Expertly curated by chief creative officer Renaud Salmon and vice president senior perfumer Pascal Gaurin, Love Delight has been designed to capture the essence of the modern woman, who is free-spirited and spontaneous in her pursuit of life’s pleasures, while still being open-hearted and grounded to the moment.


Lilac Love, Amouage; Dress, Laith Maalouf; Earrings, Swarovski. Photo: Esra Sam

With a unique ‘honey glazed pastry’ note that draws inspiration from the multi-layered, textured essence of Arabian confectionery, Love Delight is a true feast for the senses. With the addition of rose water – which has never been used before in an Amouage creation –  the fragrance is also a first for the maison, and a fitting ode to the region’s rich cultural tapestry.

The new fragrance also includes notes of vanilla bean, cocoa, rum, ginger, and cinnamon – bringing the element of surprise to the romance offered by subtler notes of flowers like heliotrope, jasmine, and rose. This combination of the gastronomic and the floral creates a fragrance that is indulgent, layered and sophisticated – much like the contemporary woman of refined opulence it is inspired by.


Blossom Love, Amouage; Earrings, Swarovski. Photo: Esra Sam

Bottled in an entirely redesigned flacon along with the rest of the Secret Garden Collection, Love Delight is contained within a soft-touch ceramic coated, matte-finish bottle, adding a sense of mystery to its innate luxuriousness. Like treasures in a garden waiting to be stumbled upon only by the confident and adventurous, each fragrance in Secret Garden adds a contemporary, tactile dimension to its sensory offering. 


Love Tuberose, Amouage; Dress, Magda Butrym; Earrings, Swarovski. Photo: Esra Sam

Staying rooted in its practice of exploring the many complex and contrasting facets of modern feminine energy, Amouage extends the sensory delight of the reimagined Secret Garden collection with nods to the surrealist composition and color work of iconic abstract artist, Joan Miró. Each perfume in the collection becomes more than a scent, but a self-contained embodiment of form, feeling and fragrance. 

With the addition of Love Delight’s charm to the sophisticated Lilac Love, romantic Blossom Love and alluring Love Tuberose, Amouage’s Secret Garden is once again in full, fierce bloom.


Love Delight, Amouage. Photo: Esra Sam

Style: Ahmed Rashwan
Set design: Yehia Bedeir
Floral design: Jessica Locke at House of Blooms
Hair: Kalina Kocemba
Makeup: Mabs Khakwani
Model: Paige Frederico
Style assistants: Olivia Granberg and Rozeta Zatikayan
Producer: Rama Naser
Production: Dinika Govender 

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