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Amouage’s New Fragrance is Inspired by Arabian Pastries


Image: courtesy Amouage

Amouage’s new fragrance invites scent connoisseurs to its own secret garden, with the Omani perfume house launching Love Delight Eau de Parfum. The sweet floral gourmand perfume is now the fourth addition to Amouage’s tantalizing Secret Garden collection, with Love Delight joining Blossom Love, Love Tuberose, and Lilac Love.

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, Love Delight explores a gourmand romance, with chief creative officer Renaud Salmon finding inspiration in an unexpected Arabian sweet treat for Amouage’s new fragrance. “The Amouage Secret Garden Collection fragrances are each crafted around a unique pairing of a flavoursome accord with a distinctive floral note,” he explains. “For Love Delight, I was inspired by the uniquely fragrant atmosphere of bakeries in Muscat and the surrounding region. When Arabian sweets come fresh out of the oven, the air gets infused with the perfume of warm, baked cake, alongside roasted nuts, saffron, cardamom, cinnamon, orange flower and rose water. The overall sweetness is very mouth-watering and also extremely refined; the use of honey plays an important role in this natural, curiously earthy-sweet feel.”

Amouage's New Fragrance

Image: courtesy Amouage

For the new note, Salmon and his perfumery team had to combine a number of essences to recreate the true-to-life dessert scent. “The honey glazed pastry note in Love Delight is a blend of high quality ingredients, including vanilla absolute, cocoa absolute, rum absolute and cypriol oil,” Salmon reveals. “Meeting the nutty sweetness of the heliotrope floral accord of the fragrance, they capture this Proustian moment at the bakery.” Along with honey glazed pastry and helitrope, Love Delight also features notes of ginger, cinnamon, jasmine, and rose. Adding a tender lightness, rose water is used for the first time by Amouage, to great effect.

As a quartet, the four Secret Garden fragrances have also been redressed in new flacons, with a dreamily romantic color palette and with each bottle left with a tactical matte, soft-touch feel to the ceramic bottles.

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