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Ameni Esseibi’s New Campaign Highlights the Gravity of Words and Self-Acceptance

Ameni Esseibi Photographed by Mann Butte for Vogue Arabia, January 2019.

Lauded as the Arab world’s first curvy model, Tunisian-born Ameni Esseibi has been a raging voice for body positivity in the region. The 20-year-old through her successful career is eradicating stereotypes and furthering the much-needed conversation on embracing women of all sizes. Now, Esseibi is bringing attention to the gravity of words and how they can make or break a person who is on a journey to self-acceptance.

With the launch of a new campaign marked with messages like #BeautyBeyondSize and #RockYourConfidence, Esseibi aims to not only encourage people to be mindful of the things they say but also advises those struggling, to be themselves unapologetically. Focusing on the power of words, the video for the campaign shows hateful words written on Esseibi’s body which are then replaced with positive words and phrases on self-love. “Words can be one of the deadliest weapons one can wield, they also can be used as a balm to inspire, liberate, encourage and heal,” says Esseibi. Adding: “No one deserves for a second to feel worthless in this world. Never give anyone the ability to bring you down or allow you to think that you are not good enough. Each and every one of us was placed on this earth with a purpose. Do not be afraid to be yourself because that is what it makes you special.”

We caught up with the model to know more about the campaign:

What made you think of this campaign?

I felt like it was my role as the first curvy model of the Middle East to speak and spread awareness about bullying and how much it affects people.

Were you ever bullied for your size? Do you think this is a big issue in the UAE?

No, I was never bullied about my size but I was called a whale and cow before. Yes, it’s a really big issue in the UAE specially in schools. Kids don’t weigh their words before speaking.

How did you come up with the concept of the campaign?
I always talk about positivity and spreading love. So, I thought instead of spreading hate and useless comments, let me show them the right words to use instead.

How are you planning to amplify this campaign?
Hopefully through media, and by spreading it all around the world as much as I can.

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