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Meet The Actor and Activist Chosen By Rihanna To Join The #FentyFamily

Fenty Beauty has just acquired its first-ever brand ambassador. Actor and activist Amandla Stenberg has been chosen by Rihanna herself to join the #fentyfamily as the new “Fenty Face”. The cosmetics brand was created by Rihanna in 2017 to help “everyone feel beautiful and recognized, no matter their race, ethnicity, culture or personal style,” and enlisting Stenberg’s help in furthering that seems fitting. Besides starring in movies The Hunger Games and The Hate You Give, the 20-year-old is renowned for being a voice for issues like cultural appropriation, intersectional feminism, biracial identity as well as gender and beauty standards.

Amandla Stenberg. Supplied

As for her favorite Fenty Beauty product, the Match Stix trio is a must-have for Stenberg. “Match Stix Matte and Shimmer Skinsticks are wonderful for on-the-go highlighting and bronzing, and I’m always about having a lil’ glow going. Plus, they stick together with magnets, which ensure they’ll never break apart in your bag,” says Stenberg.

Fenty Beauty Match Stix Trio. Courtesy

Read on below to know more about the actor and her connection with Fenty Beauty from Stenberg herself.

Why did you want to become a part of the Fenty Beauty family?
The reason why I wanted to become part of the Fenty Family was because it’s one of the few beauty brands that make me feel like myself. Fenty Beauty’s whole ethos makes me feel empowered and excited to let different facets of myself shine. It’s fun and a special ritual to be able to look in the mirror and say “who is she tonight?” and know I have the tools at my disposal to express that. I don’t want to have a relationship to makeup that is dictated by covering imperfections or trying to change the way I look; I want to use makeup as a creative tool that celebrates who I am. By playing with Fenty Beauty’s colors, textures and shades, I can use makeup as an art form.

How does Fenty Beauty’s mission of “Beauty for All” resonate with you?
“Beauty for all” resonates for me particularly when it comes to the inclusivity of black and brown people. I feel like brown people are often not “allowed” or able to indulge in beauty, which is pretty bizarre considering how beautiful we are and how vibrantly we express it. To see a brand that intentionally counterbalances the Eurocentric beauty standards that have controlled the makeup industry by celebrating blackness in all of its shades I think is truly divine and about time.

How does makeup play a role in your characters?
Makeup is definitely an integral part of the characters I play; it’s such an indicator of personality and tone. I’ve learned so much from on-set makeup artists about how makeup can be used to reflect a character’s emotional journey as opposed to just being a beauty tool. Red eyeliner on the waterline or a bit of eyeshadow underneath the eye can tell you a lot about how much sleep the character is getting and how they’re feeling.

What’s the one beauty product you won’t leave the house without?
I like to have a lip color on me always in case I need to get cute real quick. Having lipstick on can make me feel pulled together in a pinch.

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