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5 Alternative Therapies That Can Help Heal Your Soul

Alternative Therapies Can Help Heal Your Soul

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A new era of good-vibes alternative therapy can help you unleash your creativity while restoring your soul. We round up five options that will help you feel restored, revived and energised.

Equine Therapy

The relationship between humans and horses dates back millennia. Working across the UAE, Monica Kubik from MSB Connect harnesses this connection to offer equine therapy. A session begins by entering the arena or paddock and speaking through any issues. “Observing the horses’ reactions and how these differ from person to person is an amazing way to teach people about themselves, and about what makes us human,” says Kubik. By taking note of their subconscious, clients can often resolve the problems quicker, coming up with new ideas and solutions. “Horses are extremely sensitive and reactive beings. They read our energy and respond in a very transparent way. Through Monica’s session, I discovered more about the energy I bring into the room,” shares Maria Haggo, founder of Transform8 fitness training and nutrition program. Alongside individual training, Kubik also offers team training and is currently developing female retreats. Horse guided empowerment private sessions start at AED 450.

Energy Healing

“You don’t get what you consciously desire. You get, manifest, what you energetically represent,” explains Soniyaa Kiran Punjabi, founder of Illuminations Wellbeing Centre in Dubai. Kiran Punjabi and her therapists offer a range of experiences that teach clients about the power of energy. The list is vast, integrating physical and mind sciences with spirituality. “I used to be the biggest skeptic among friends and family when it came to alternative medicine, such as energy healing,” says high school teacher Rahma Ali. At Illuminations, Ali tried various sessions, from aura reading to energy exchange techniques. “It helped me preserve my authentic energy and give away energies that don’t belong to me. I feel lighter and more peaceful when I use the tools I have learned,” she says. Energy healing and cleansing sessions start at AED 525.

Online Reiki

A Japanese technique of energy healing, reiki is said to help reduce stress and promote relaxation. “Reiki via Zoom is possible because I am able to evoke the distance healing reiki symbols to help me channel the energy in,” says reiki master Lejla Cas, founder of Knesko Skin in the US. “In our third dimension, we base it all on time and distance, but in energy work, such a thing does not exist and is irrelevant where you are located.” It is best to do a session close to bedtime due to its calming effects. Cas also encourages clients to don one of her crystal-infused natural collagen face masks. “Having someone who is an expert and can transmit positive thoughts and make us more mindful helps us to calm our stresses down and recharge our batteries,” says Soraya Jouzy, a natural beauty and wellness expert, of the experience. A complimentary online reiki session can be booked when you buy a kit from AED 599.

Sound Healing

“Sound therapy has come a long way over recent years as both doctors and science have now been able to prove clinically the calming, restorative, and transformative abilities that sound and frequency has on the mind, body, and soul,” says James Hanney, founder of Nature of Sound Works in Dubai. For the client sound healing is simple. There is no learning and during the session, you just have to lie down or sit comfortably and relax. During a session, you will often be supported and surrounded by blankets, pillows, and an eye mask. “The intention is we want you to be as comfortable as possible,” says Hanney. Closing your eyes, you allow your mind to drift off and permit the various frequencies of sound to gently wash over you. You are guided through the experience from start to finish. The effects of the sound on the brain set the body into a healing mode by slowing the brainwave patterns, allowing for deep states of peace and stillness to be experienced. Sahar Davodi, a wellness enthusiast in Dubai, says, “I book in a sound healing session whenever I need to feel Calm and centered. Even after just one session, I feel free of negativity and instantly relaxed.” A sound healing session starts at AED 110.

Dance Therapy

5Rhythms uses movement as a medium for healing. Each hour-long session sees a guide lead you through the five rhythms of flowing, staccato, chaos, lyrical, and stillness. You are free to move your body however you feel best releases your heart and mind. “I might be dealing with an issue, small or big, and I turn it into art. I process it in the dance and the movement and that brings an awareness of what I am looking at here, what I am facing,” explains Lina Nahhas, a certified 5Rhythms teacher in Dubai. Fashion entrepreneur Natalia Shustova adds, “Through your motion, you can clear your emotions. I was able to receive the energy of others, I was able to clean my energy as well just by making these moves, by just following the music. It’s so therapeutic. I was crying at times; I was laughing at other times. It emotionally opens you up.” AED 100 per class.

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Originally published in the October 2020 issue of Vogue Arabia

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