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This Hair Treatment Soothes Summer Scalp Woes

Photographed by Nicolas Moore.

Hair looking – and feeling – bit worse for wear recently? A number of unavoidable environmental factors can leave your scalp brutally ravaged during the hotter months. Desalinated water used for showering can leave a build-up of salts and minerals, which dry out the scalp’s skin and prevents natural oils from hydrating. The relentless heat of the summer sun can burn and irritate the hair roots and exposed skin where the hair is parted. Constant air-conditioning also contributes to an irritated scalp. By mid-August, the ongoing onslaught of scalp damage can trigger other hair and follicle issues, from excessive hair fall, dull lengths, and weakened strands. “During these hot summer months, you need to consider the toll that the heat takes on your scalp,” explains Kate Darling, co-founder of Dubai hair salon That Hair Tho. “It’s very common to experience a dry, irritated, itching or flaking scalp.”

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Seeing clients with recurring scalp conditions during the summer months, the Jumeirah Lakes Towers salon teamed up with Italian hair care brand Davines to create an exclusive in-salon treatment based around naturally nourishing aloe vera. The organic aloe vera scalp treatment (from AED150) combines fresh aloe vera pulp with a custom oil blend to counter multiple summer hair issues. “Our aloe vera and organic oil infused treatments are tailor made to assist with your individual hair and scalp needs,” shares Darling. A natural hydration powerhouse, aloe vera fronds store water in a gel-like substance. High in antioxidants, vitamins C and E, minerals and amino acids, research shows aloe vera gel as an effective, naturally-derived healer and hydrator. Its anti-inflammatory properties bring instant relief to irritated or itchy skin, thanks to its pH neutrality. For this treatment, the aloe is as fresh as it gets, directly harvested from aloe vera plants tended to in the THT salon.

The fresh gel is combined with a choice of different, hair-friendly oils, designed to address each clients’ specific scalp and skin concerns. Depending on the level of irritation, dryness, excessive oil production, or redness, oils including coconut, mustard, jasmine, and others are added to combat individual scalp concerns. Extra sensitive scalps benefits from magnesium-rich almond oil to reduce redness, while argan oil defrizzes dry hair types. The nutrient-rich treatment is applied directly to the scalp and gently massaged in, giving a cooling sensation as proteolytic enzymes soothe the skin and loosen dead skin cells. After a cleanse and conditioner using Davines’ organic range, this treatment delivers instantly nourishing results and leaves hair beautifully glossy and shiny, says Darling. And the ongoing results, she says, has clients looking and feeling refreshed with a healthy, well-nourished scalp, plus strong, luscious locks.

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