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DNA Skin Care Range Allél Teams Up With Biolite in Dubai

Courtesy of Allél

With successful certified skin care launches in the UK under their belt, Swedish skincare brand Allél sets their sights on the Middle East. Allél, which is a skin care range founded by two best friends and leading doctors in their field Dr.Elisabet Hagert and Dr. Anne Wetter last September, has teamed up with Biolite Clinic in Dubai to provide its bespoke services in the region.

A play on the word “allele”, which is a variant form of a gene, Allél provides clients with an extremely personalized skin care regime by professionally analyzing their genes and tackling aging at it’s true source. “60% of how we age is determined by our DNA,” reveal the doctors. So how does it work? The process begins with a DNA test, which can be ordered and delivered to a preferred address. After swabbing the inside of your cheek, the DNA test is sent back to a professional laboratory in Switzerland in order to determine the skin profile by looking at 16 genetic markers in five key drivers of skin aging, including skin’s collagen, pigmentation, oxidative stress, and how it responds to inflammation.

The personalized dermis report takes about one week to complete and is accompanied by a recommendation of skin care products and nutritional supplements that are tailored to your unique skin profile. The products and supplements, which can be purchased individually once the three-month supply has been completed, are only recommended after the customer has had their DNA test and a visual skin evaluation done. The sum, which includes three-month’s worth of eye creams, serums, cleansers, and vitamin supplements packaged in a sleek, black box and the DNA testing costs approximately AED/SAR 7,580.

Despite only launching less than a year ago, the innovative skin care range has established certified clinics scattered across London and Dublin, and has recently found itself in the Oscar Awards 2018 gift bags, where each of the Academy Award nominees will receive a one-year supply of the Allél skin care program. Hey, if it’s good enough for Margot Robbie, it’s good enough for us.

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