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Alberto Morillas Unveils Chopard’s Gardens of Paradise Collection

Gardens of Paradise

The launch of Chopard’s the Gardens of Paradise collection in Dubai. Courtesy of Chopard.

Master perfumer Alberto Morillas joins forces with Chopard to create a quartet of legendary fragrances. Since 2013, Chopard’s Journey to Sustainable Luxury has been a game changer. Launched at the Cannes Film Festival with its High Jewelry Green Carpet Collection, this year its Maison de Parfums follows suit. Morillas leads the way, looking to bring natural and responsible perfumery to the spotlight.

The juices, Miel d’Arabie, Orange Mauresque, Jasmin Moghol, and Rose Seljuke all make up the Gardens of Paradise collection. “We have this beautiful harmony of ingredients,” explains Morillas, “Each creating a new beautiful story.” Inspired by the gardens of Arabia that he has visited and fallen in love with, the concept is simple. To create a perfume that once sprayed, instantly transports you to the exotic location.

The Gardens of Paradise Collection

The Gardens of Paradise Collection by Chopard. Courtesy of Chopard.

“Nature and humans are at the center of our project,” he says. “In all the perfumes there are more than 25 ingredients, that are fully sustainable. What we mean by fully, is that behind each ingredient there is a project.” These projects range from social welfare by supporting small-scale communities to environmental conservation. “Our brief is to create beauty and to give beauty,” Morillas explains.

Chopard’s vision is set to help change the industry. Although challenging, working with the highest level of natural ingredients means the juice encased in the emerald green bottles is of the utmost quality. Morillas has also used his skills to ensure modernity, simplicity, and clarity, even when working in a traditional way. “It’s something that you can’t necessarily explain – only feel,” he says, concluding, “We absolutely want to inject positivity.”

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