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Al Fresco Nails Are Summer’s Cutest Manicure Trend

Inspired by the great outdoors, al fresco nails are the perfect new manicure trend to fall in love with this summer.

al fresco nails

Manicure trends come and go, but if you’re Zola Ganzorigt (otherwise known as @nailsbyzola on Instagram), the ones you help to kick off tend to last. Such has been the case with the “glazed doughnut” nail, which she popularized with the help of Hailey Bieber in 2022. Her new favorite? Nail art inspired by the great outdoors – or al fresco nails, as we’re calling them.

Whether it’s taking your cues from your local farmers’ market, or incorporating what you see walking through your local park into nail art, celebrities (and their manicurists) are experimenting with cute, hand-painted details on their talons.

Take Hailey Bieber, who recently sported cherries, blueberries and carrots (all organic, obviously) on otherwise bare nails. Currently pregnant with her first child, Hailey has favored ditsy, nature-inspired manicures lately – she previously showcased a floral daisy design on a blush pink base, each bloom enhanced with a diamanté stud in the centre.

al fresco nails

Even Kylie Jenner, who is known for her polished approach to beauty, has gone al fresco in the nails department. Ganzorigt hand-painted insects – including a wriggly worm and a ladybird – onto Jenner’s nails, which were finished with a pale yellow French tip. “The worm is my favorite,” said the beauty mogul.

Other ways to embrace the trend include florals (see Imarni’s bespoke 3D gel orchids and Betina Goldstein’s pressed micro flowers), birds and trees. Being in nature is a natural mood-booster: scientific research shows that those of us who spend more time by the sea or amongst the trees are happier and healthier than those who don’t. So yes, it may be just a manicure, but we’ll take our nature fix where we can get it.

al fresco nails

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