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Whip Up These Adaptogen Filled Drinks at Home

Magic Mylks - Tania's Teahouse

Magic Mylks at Tania’s Teahouse. Courtesy of Tania’s Teahouse

Do the days feel that little bit longer when working from home, but also shoot by in a flash? Are you a little bit relaxed but also feel stressed out at the same time? Adaptogens may be the answer. Active ingredients from nature, these herbal pharmaceuticals work to counteract the harmful effects of stress in the body.

There are a whole variety of adaptogens ranging from aloe vera to mushrooms and licorice to rosemary alongside some lesser-known ones like ashwagandha and maca. That’s just scratching the surface. There are so many ways to use them in your daily life but for those starting out, adaptogen milks might be your best bet.

The queen of all thing’s tea and the founder of Tania’s Teahouse, Tania Lodi, has just launched a range of magic mylks. “We’ve curated a line of nut milk, vegan lattes with functional mushrooms. I got really into these a few months back as I suffer from a chronic pain condition called fibromyalgia and I believe in holistic remedies to improve your quality of life,” she explains.

These medicinal mushrooms have been used for centuries to increase energy, boost brain function, increase metabolism, reduce stress and strengthen the immune system. Here, Lodi explains some of the most popular mushrooms and how to use them.

Tania’s Basic Guide to Adaptogens

We are currently using four types of mushrooms in our magic mylks. They are:

Reishi – This helps reduces stress and increases zenergy.

Chaga – This has melanin which promotes shiny hair and glowing skin, helps cellular reiteration, fights your immune system, and gives you energy.

Lion’s Mane – It helps cognition and energy whilst helping to increase concentration.

Cordyceps – They help to increase physical performance, increase energy, relaxes sore muscles, and helps narrow your tracheas (allowing your lungs to operate at higher levels).

Other supplements we include are:

Ashwagandha Root – It’s great at balancing thyroid function and boosting the immune system. It is also a natural mood-enhancer, and de-stressor.

Maca – A natural energy booster. It balances hormones, stabilizes blood sugars, and helps stabilize estrogen levels for women.

Tania’s Magic Mylk Recipies

Here are some of the recipes we’ve developed at Tania’s Teahouse. You can use any kind of milk or how we like to say, mylk, and make them home:

Golden Dandelion

Ingredients: lion’s mane | mylk | turmeric | anti anxie-tea | coconut oil | ashwagandha

This elixir is a spicy, jack of all trades that help with digestion, immunity, blood sugar and stress levels, joint and bone health, and full of hair-growing amino acids. This is also super beneficial for women who suffer from hormonal imbalances or thyroid issues.

Brain Food

Ingredients: chaga | coffee | mylk | dates | coconut oil

Feel next-level energized and focused with this cozy cuppa joe. Credit goes to us for any “eureka” moments idealized whilst sipping. This drink gives you the perfect balance of feeling focused but also feeling calm.

Let’s Get Physical

Ingredients: cordyceps | coffee | mylk | vanilla | dates

This drink provides natural energy and stamina for the daily grind, at home gym days, or being on the move (even if it’s just around your home), and karate-chops bacteria and virus cells. The cool thing about cordyceps is that it also helps your respiratory system.

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