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7 Nail Art Designs to Upgrade Your Manicure from Boring to Party

Nail Art

Backstage at Marc Jacobs. Courtesy of Marc Jacobs

Your ultimate accessory for the festive season? A sparkling manicure of course. From designs inspired by the midnight sky to talons reminiscent of gifts, these are the mini masterpieces to draw inspiration from.

Shine On

Take a jewel out of celebrity nail artist Nayomi Yasuda’s book, with a manicure that combines an eclectic array of sequins. Opt for gold and silver in different shapes and sizes. Stars essential.

Go Matte

Make a statement with a manicure in a matte effect. Darker colors work best, with forest green a must for winter time. Add a stripe of gold for a more festive feel Sally Hansen Global Color Ambassador Madeline Poole.

Get Gifting

Yourself. Keep a clean nail base, adding color from the top corner diagonally down towards the base of the nail. Fill in with different shades and decorations to look like a gift, topping it off with a bow like LA nail artist Hang Nguyen.

Red Alert

No color is quite as festive as red. WAH Nails in London takes the shade to the extreme, with high shine in an almond shape. Adding a gold star on the middle fingers makes it perfect for the party season.

Forever Foiled

Add some extra sparkle to your look with color foils. Mix and max colors for a glitter canon effect, like Vanity Projects salon in NYC. Look to a glossy top coat to make the look pop.

Gold Always 

Park Eunkyung of Nail Unistella takes manicures to the next level. Working with gold leaf she not only looks to the nail but along the fingers too. Just be careful when washing your hands…

So Celestial

Draw inspiration from the nighttime sky with stars, moons and everything else in between. Make it more feminine with a base of pink with gold detailing like Dry By salon in London.

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